Joomla/Virtuemart Online Design Tool (v4.1)

Administrator Backend features

  1. Main Joomla / Virtuemart admin
  2. Adding products through VM “Add products”
  3. ProductsDesigner Options (VM “add or edit products option”)
  4. Can make a product as “Customizable Designer Product”
    1. Set a product as default product for designer
    2. Design area type selection option (Rectangular or Odd Shape )
    3. You can upload any type shape (SWF) as products design area for odd shape products
    4. Products Color Type (You can add as Single color or Multi color products)
    5. Product side (can select product side option up to 4 side)
    6. Upload product side images for designer (520x520 px transparent .PNG image)
    7. Product Size
      1. Add Products size
      2. Size name
      3. Size added price (can set extra price for extra large products size, if have any)
      4. Width / Height (can add products width/height for showing in size table)
      5. Delete added size
    8. Product Color
      1. Add product color
      2. Color name
      3. Color value (color value will be in HEX format ex – “FFFFFF”), For single color product add only color value and add. For multicolor products you can upload every color product image for every side.
      4. Color added Price (If there have any extra price for this color product)
    9. Set product design area with size (Design area size need to defile based on actual products, output PDF will create based on this size)
    10. Upload Shape (SWF) as design area (For Odd Shape products).
    11. Save design area.
  5. Clipart / Motif (Link added under VM left menu)
    1. Clipart category / Subcategory
      1. Add category / subcategory
      2. Category edit / Delete / Active / Deactivate / Change view order
      3. Subcategory edit / Delete / Active / Deactivate / Change view order
    2. Add clipart
      1. Add Raster clipart
        1. Add raster clipart (.jpg) under category and subcategory with clipart name and image
        2. Active/Deactivate
      2. Add vector clipart (this will open flash clipart editor )
        1. Import swf clipart layer (up to 3 layer/part)
        2. Adjust imported layer position by moving the layers
        3. Select default color for every layer of the clipart
        4. Select clipart category and subcategory
        5. Enter clipart name
        6. Create clipart
        7. Clipart editor will create the thumb image for clipart (showing in use end)
    3. Clipart list
      1. View clipart list by category / subcategory
      2. Update Clipart Name, showing Order
      3. Set clipart price (if have any)
      4. Set as Popular clipart
      5. Active / deactivate clipart
      6. Delete clipart
    4. Printing Method/Colors
      1. Set Text Cost/Price (If have any)
      2. Set user uploaded image Cost/Price (If have any)
      3. Set Shape Cost/Price (If have any)
      4. Add Printing Method
      5. Printing Technology / Method Name
      6. Printing Technology / Method price (If have any)
      7. Color Factor price (If have any)
      8. Printing Technology / Method Technology Type (Color or Texture)
      9. Can add Texture type printing option (If you select type as Texture)
        1. Add texture
        2. Texture name
        3. Upload texture image
      10. Update / delete printing method
      11. Add new color under Printing Method (with color name and color value)
      12. Change color view position / order
      13. Delete color
  6. Product Template (Link added under VM left menu)
    1. Template Category
      1. Add New category / subcategory
      2. Category / subcategory Edit, Delete, View order change, Active/Deactivate
    2. Add Template
      1. Add new template (This will open with template design studio on admin) with template name by category / subcategory
      2. Add template short description
      3. Make popular
      4. A template can put multiple category/subcategory
      5. Design template with template designer studio with all features as main designer software.
      6. Save design (save created template).
    3. Template List
      1. Browse template list by category / subcategory
      2. Edit template
      3. Delete template
      4. Make popular, Active / deactivate
  7. VM Order list / details
    1. VM default order view details features with added option for PDF creation.
      1. Details view with Product Image, Products Name, Products Color, Quantity, Total Price, Billing Info, Shipping Info
      2. View designed orders textual description for design element with the order.
      3. Create / download / print design PDF (vector) for all sides as actual design area size
      4. Download User uploaded origianl size images
      5. Vector print / PDF (Only design element)
      6. Raster print / PDF (Only design element)
      7. Create raster PDF with product
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