Customer Relationship Management

The customer relationship management (CRM) feature of the Products Designer software is core to the success of your business. It’s the foundation for tracking your customer data, and the main hub for integrating a variety of other software features to enhance what you have to offer your customers.The Products Designer CRM system is designed to be user-friendly, without requiring a large amount of technical knowledge, so that you can start reaping its benefits as easily and as quickly as possible.

Easily Import Your Customer List

The Products Designer CRM is intentionally designed to allow you to quickly import your existing customer lists into the platform, and to promptly start sending visual quotes and accepting orders. The system automatically generates an account login for your customers, and issues an email that is sent to greet them and encourage them to shop online.

Simple Customer Relationship Managemen

Once you get started with the Products Designer CRM platform, you will be able to build and store profiles and important information for each customer, and will maintain instant access to each entry.

Many businesses use this built-in system to keep records of customer contact information, billing and shipping information, taxes, credits, and discounts. As you build your customer list you can add additional data to each profile, so that you can get to know each customer’s personal needs and preferences.Via these stored profiles, you will be able to directly contact customers through an email link or phone number. In addition, your customers’ order history will reflect their shopping and purchasing patterns which is key to providing relevant resources and discount offers to them throughout the year.

Customer Rewards Programs

Enhance your relationship with each customer by offering special rewards, discounts and credits. For example, you could provide a special loyalty discount for long-term or high-volume clients, or offer a “first-timers” discount for new customers. Utilize the email feature to send out promotions and special offers on birthdays, or holidays.
The customer profiles give you access to customers’ purchasing histories so that you can evaluate and identify high priority customers – those who order often or in large quantities – in order to provide them with more urgent order fulfillment or other special services.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Customers want to feel like individuals and desire to feel “known” by the companies that they do business with. Help your customers to enjoy the experience of working with you by showing them that you pay close attention to their interests. The Products Designer CRM helps you to easily nurture leads and develop ongoing customer relationships so that you can keep both new prospects and current clients updated on your deals, as they relate to their unique needs.

Send them personalized emails based on their shopping preferences and other tendencies that the CRM analytics provide you with access to via their profiles. The Products Designer CRM platform will not only improve your customers’ levels of satisfaction and fulfillment, but will also raise your credibility and increase the value that you can bring to your audience.

Empower Your Customers and Expand Your eCommerce Business