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Total solution for online digital printing business. You focus on your business rest we do for you.

Things we can do for you

Not only is Products Designer an industry leader in software formulated to help customers and clients create one of a kind products that range from T-shirts, to coffee mugs, to business and greeting cards, but it is also on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to providing service and support for its clients. By offering HTML5 Web Design & Development, Customizable Design Tools, Fully Integrated Shopping Carts, Product Management, Clipart Design, and Comprehensive Website Management, Products Designer is making a commitment to providing customer service of the highest quality.

HTML5 Web Design & Development
The highly trained, experienced Products Designer staff is on standby to assist clients with updating their website to the responsive age of multi-platform functionality. These world class, design experts are well versed in a variety of coding languages, and are ready to assist in the design and development of mobile friendly HTML5 based pages. This coding language complements the many other comprehensive design enhancing tools available to Products Designer clients.
Design Tool Customization
How can you give your unique designs the richly distinctive ambiance that they deserve while using the same cookie-cutter templates as everyone else? The short answer: is that you can't! This is why Products Designer offers a wide range of fully customizable design tools that will enable you, as well as your customers and end users, to create products every bit as remarkable as themselves.
Shopping Cart Integration
Improve your customer's' shopping experience at your eCommerce store by allowing Products Designer to fully integrate your platform with a variety of shopping carts. As expected from a company whose business philosophy openly values creativity and individual contribution, each step of the Products Designer Shopping Cart Integration process is fully customizable. Thus customers and end users are met with a unique, yet familiar, checkout experience.
Product Adding and Management
Need assistance when introducing new products to your eCommerce store in a way that generates maximum interest? How about in the area of product management? Perhaps customer support in the area of image retouching and manipulation would be more beneficial? Regardless, the Products Designer team understands that the singular nature of your business demands unique solutions passed on to your customers.
ClipArt Design & Management
Philosophically consistent with the Design Tool Customization capability, Products Designer is also able to provide you with a plethora of ClipArt motif libraries from myriad categories from which you may choose. The creative flexibility offered through the ClipArt Design & Management is just another way in which Products Designer has listened to the needs of clients and customers, and has endeavored to provide solutions designed to increase profitability, traffic, and user experience.
Complete Website Maintenance
Of course, many clients recognize that their strengths lay in managing the day-to-day operation of their eCommerce website, and choose to leave the boring technical details to the Products Designer team. Rather than being put off by this, the Products Designer team thrives on the creative challenges presented by helping others to engineer remarkable, customized products. This specialized tasks requires a specialized team, and the Products Designer team is nothing if not special.
Inkybay Online T-shirt Design Tool
Not just a online designer. It’s product configurator!