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What skills do you need to be a growth hacker?

growth hacking skillsWhat is Growth hacking?

Growth hacking is an essential part of marketing and focuses on a faster growth of a company with limited resources. It is a cost-effective process of building a new customer base with retaining the existing and growing sales volume. 

Generally, start-ups and small businesses prefer growth hacking for quick results with less investment. However, it is a fruitful attempt for any online business to maintain stable growth and retain existing customers.

A rigorous approach to fueling rapid market growth through high-speed, cross-functional experimentation.

  • Sean Ellis, Founder of

Who are growth Hackers

Sean Ellis, founder, and current CEO of, first used the term growth hacking in 2010. There is a slight difference between a growth hacker and a regular marketer. A growth hacker tests several methods finds the suitable one and applies it for faster business growth. On the other hand, a regular marketer only focuses on one method.

What are the required skills to be a growth hacker

After the development of a product, a growth hacker deals with the critical part of reaching the exact prospects. Even if you have developed a product with the best engineering, it is the most crucial part to get a proper response from the customer. Here comes the growth hacker. But a growth hacker must possess a few skills. Those are –

  1. Basic Technical Skills
  2. Design Skills And User Experiences (UX)
  3. Know About Some Growth Hacking Tools
  4. Writing Skills
  5. Analytics Skills

#1. Basic Technical Skills

Probably this is where the growth hackers supersede the other classic marketers. To be a growth hacker, you do not need to be an expert in programming. But you should have basic knowledge about what the developed product can do with modern technologies. As you will communicate with the technical persons, you have to speak in their languages.

Know the basics of programming especially the web languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP. This will help you to experiment the eCommerce websites in different ways. You do not have to wait for a developer to solve any silly problem.

So, basic technical skills will help you make real-time changes to accelerate your business growth.

#2. Design Skills And User Experiences (UX)

With design skills and UI/UX knowledge, a growth hacker can be more efficient to bring out the best outcome. With UI/UX knowledge, know whether the information is properly appealingly displayed on the website or not. If not, take the instant remedy to make some minor changes in the design. To develop the design skill, a growth hacker might follow the below steps –

  • Learn basic photo manipulation like – removing the background, blurring the picture, removing/adding text, etc.
  • Know how to make marketing materials like – social media posts and others.
  • Know how color psychology can influence the customers’ decisions.
  • Make a list of graphic skills you need to improve to create more engaging designs.

#3. Know About Some Growth Hacking Tools

We already know that Growth hacking is finding the easiest ways to fuel business growth. So, any tool that helps to do things faster can be defined as a growth hacking tool. Now, if you are going to start your online business or already are a merchant, Know about some growth hacking tools that might help you grow faster –

  • InkyBay – Product Personalizer – This growth hacking tool helps Shopify merchants offer product personalization to their customers. With this Product Personalizer tool, merchants can offer customers to design their own products right on the website. This tool helps grow business faster and get loyal customers. This growth hacking tool can be a one-stop solution especially if you are planning to start an online eCommerce print business or already running an online print business.
  • StoreSEO – If you are a merchant using the Shopify platform, this tool can be a one size fits all solution for your SEO tasks. Rank your online store higher on search engines with this tool in a comparatively faster tenure.
  • Crazy egg – This growth hacking tool helps you to monitor how your blog content is performing. With crazyegg, Know how much time visitors spend on your web page and what they click on, and more crucial details. Visit to know more details.
  • Pagefly – It is a landing page builder application that lets you design your web pages in minutes. If you are planning to start your online business on Shopify, you can build your website by just dragging and dropping with this application. You do not require any coding knowledge. 

Know in detail about the above growth hacking tools and find the exact one required for your business to grow faster. 

Sometimes, growth hacking might seem to be mammoth of a task, but once you know what your business requires, you know what tools you need to grow faster. And that is why acquiring knowledge about some trendy growth hacking tools is an essential skill for a growth hacker.

#4 Writing Skill

In google’s eye, content is king. To ensure fantastic blog posts on your site, and for better SEO performance, you need to improve your writing skills. You will get prospects through your content.

And there is a relationship between content and customer behavior. Find out what factors you are to focus on while preparing content that will influence customers to make a purchasing decision. According to research, customers’ behavior or decision-making is influenced by three factors –

  • Psychological factors – attitudes, perceptions, lifestyles.
  • Personal factors – age, culture, profession.
  • Social factor – expectations from the social groups (family, friends, neighbors)

So, keeping the above factors in mind and writing fruitful content is a growth hacking technique to reach the right customers. And that is why writing skill is a must skill for a growth hacker.

#5. Analytics Skills

Solid analytical knowledge is essential to find what is working and where improvements are needed. With the available data, a growth hacker is to find what works and what does not. So, find out what can improve your analytical skills. Consciously analyze your surroundings, try to ask “how” and “why” and find the answers.  

Final Words

To be an efficient growth hacker might seem to have vast skills, but things are not like that. Just focus on improving your creative ideas, analytical skills, and a little bit of technical knowledge. And the first thing you need is – to have the right mindset on growth. Then you can roar as a growth hacker.

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