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Jostens Kinderkraft

Jostens Kinderkraft – Makes A Memorable Graduation Day

What an amazing feeling it would be for you as parents to attend your little ones’ preschool or kindergarten or elementary school graduation ceremony! Certainly, you would love to capture their accomplishments in a photograph in their graduation caps and gowns and preserve this feeling for a lifetime as a parent.

Graduate Package CustomizerTo make these emotionally overwhelming happy occasions memorable and to add a special touch Jostens Kinderkraft is providing beautifully custom made graduation caps, gowns, certificates and diplomas and more with sizes no matter if it is for preschool, kindergarten or elementary school kids.

Jostens Kinderkraft Products

Jostens Kinderkraft is a web-based customized product business from Sedalia, Missouri. For preschool, kindergarten and elementary school graduation ceremonies they provide –

  • Graduate Package
  • Scholar Package
  • Graduation Caps
  • Gowns
  • Certificates and Diplomas
  • Sashes
  • Tassels
  • T-shirts
  • Graduate wristbands

Learner Package Customizer

Self-Customization – A Radical Change In The Business

Enabling self-customization on the Jostens Kinderkraft’s online store brought a radical change in the business. It also accelerated the production level unimaginably.

But why does customization become necessary?

The product orders differ from one to another.  For instance, the colors, styles, sizes, and lengths of the chosen cap, gown, tassel, and sash are always different. Even the colors and frames of the diploma or certificate are coming from different schools and parents. So, the variation in the order requirements will be very normal yet difficult to maintain all manually.

Scholar package configurator with live previewThrough the inclusion of customization, to be more precise self-customization, customers got the ultimate freedom to create their designs and easily place the order without even facing the hassle of face-to-face communication and bargain.

Jostens Kinderkraft – & The Successful Inclusion Of Inkybay Product Customizer

Inkybay – Product Customizer is a web-based ultimate product configuration solution. Through the countless self-configuration options Inkybay offers the customers to configure the Graduate Package from available options like Cap and Gown Color, Tassel Color, Sash Color, Diploma/Certificate, Color of Certificate Frames and Gown Sizes & quantity with live preview of the selected options. Through the live preview option of the outcome of their configured products, they can finalize or go for further improvement if not satisfied and place the order. The merchants finally gets configuration data from the order and goes for production directly without further delay.

As the owner of the business gets an amazing option to choose whichever options they need only, Jostens Kinderkraft uses Inkybay in a customized format for the customization options available in their online store. How so?

Graduate Package Configurator live previewThe company only needs the Cap and Gown, Sash and Tassel colors selection options. For the Diploma/Certificate, they have enabled the preschool, kindergarten and elementary schools’ names, and quantity and color of the frames as an option. Also, they have added Gown sizes with quantity as another option to give customers the utmost flexibility to order multiple sizes and quantity at the same time. And this configuration option selection for personalization became only possible after the successful inclusion of Inkybay.


Final Thoughts

Jostens Kinderkraft is doing an amazing job by providing products loaded with deep emotions. For parents watching their kids grow up, attending their graduation ceremonies no matter if it is preschool, kindergarten or elementary, the entire process is like a treasure for a lifetime. The company took an amazing idea of producing customized caps and gowns, diplomas and certificates and other accessories and rooted its place in the world of customized product business.

Jostens Kinderkraft does not sell anything but heartfelt emotions…

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Jostens Kinderkraft

Jostens Kinderkraft

eCommerce platform: Shopify (Plus)
Country: USA
Product Type: Customized Graduate Package, Achievement Ribbons, Achiever Package, Diplomas/Certificates, Graduate Tee, Graduation Gowns, Milestone Package, Scholar Package, Sashes, Tassels, T-shirts, Graduate wristbands.

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