The Photographer’s Toolbox- An eCommerce store for Personalized Photo Products

photographers toolbox using InkyBayDid you flip through family photo albums when you were home for the holidays? Alternatively, have you ever viewed a photo of a distant cousin for the first time who was clicked in a funny pose?

To ensure priceless family memories, a photo album plays a significant role. But things have changed, and more people than ever are interested in getting a photo album that is uniquely customized or personalized.

Options for the personalization of photographic goods go well beyond simple albums today. The Photographer’s Toolbox sells various photo accessories that may be customized through software. Let’s have a look at what their business is about.

Have A Glance At The Photographer’s Toolbox

Australian-based The Photographer’s Toolbox is a family business. They provide personalized USBs, matboard frames, photo albums, photo boxes, and many more. Such as- 

  • Box sets 
  • Dry mount photo album 
  • Peel and stick photo album 
  • Gift section 
  • Personalized USBs
  • Photo album matted shipping 
  • Photo boxes 
  • Photo display frames
  • Photo frames
  • Photo mount 
  • Pocket Photo album 
  • Self-adhesive photo album 
  • Studio
  • Traditional photo album 
  • USB presentation box 

As they sell a variety of personalized photo products, it is very typical that they have different types of customers. And it can be challenging to meet every customer’s choice. And this is one of the significant challenges for their personalized photography product business.

Challenges That The Photographer’s Toolbox Faced Earlier

Business challenges are part of every business, and in product personalization, business challenges are also widespread. As a photo product personalization business, the photographer’s toolbox faces many challenges. Let’s see some of the business challenges that the photographer’s toolbox faced:

  • Maintain Profitability 

If you’re running a company that sells personalized products, you may need help to balance new expenses along with boosting business growth, as the average gross margin for the product personalization industry is only about 22%, as reported by StarterStory. But you can read this to learn more about boosting product personalization growth.

Real-time pricing problems, shopping cart abandonment, and customer dissatisfaction all play a role in the case of low profitability. when a company is unable to meet the needs of a specific client. Typically, they lost interest and no longer wanted to make a purchase. 

The Photographer’s Toolbox is a store that sells personalized photography products and faces challenges regarding customized business profitability.

  • Adding Predefined Template 

The photographer’s toolbox knows their newbie customer because they have met some customers asking about basic design ideas. 

Again, they felt the necessity of client communication. As a result, they were looking for a solution that would help their new customer get a minimal idea from pre-uploaded basic designs.

Then they started researching a suitable, versatile application for their customized photography accessories store, which will help their customer’s design products by themselves and reduce the necessity of client communication while designing.

They discovered InkyBay- Product Personalizer, after conducting extensive research. Let’s explore whether InkyBay can solve its business challenges or not.

  • Building Communication With Customers 

Communicating with customers is essential in a marketplace. However, unlike conventional product personalization businesses, maintaining constant client contact might be difficult for an online business. This also happened with the photographer’s toolbox. 

The photographer’s toolbox wanted to help their clients without repetitive communication. They looked for software to let their customers create unique personalized photo products and other photography accessories with minimal effort.

InkyBay-Product Personalizer- A Multitasker Product Personalization Application

Already we have discovered the business challenges of the photographer’s toolbox. It is surprising to know InkyBay-Product Personalizer has all of those solutions.

The first solution- The InkyBay-Product customizer, offers real-time pricing during personalization. As a result, consumers can understand. Imagine that here you can see a product from the photographer’s toolbox whose price is $86.00; after adding text, it becomes $98.00. This is an appropriate example of real-time pricing.

Before the state of Real-time pricing at InkyBay-Product CustomizerNow, Let’s see the “after effect” of using real-time pricing at InkyBay-Product Personalizer. This picture will illustrate a better comparison between before and after-

After the state of Real-time pricing at InkyBay-Product CustomizerHere you can see the before and after effects of using real-time pricing. Real-time pricing decreases pricing confusion, which reduces cart abandonment as well. 

Because a sudden high price can demotivate a customer to buy the product, which has a harmful impact on company profitability. In such a case, InkyBay-Product personalizer, a product customization application, successfully solves the first business challenge of the photographer’s toolbox.

The second solution-  Adding a predefined template was the photographer’s toolbox’s second business challenge. InkyBay-Product Customizer allows the store owner to add preset templates for their customers to get the basic idea. Here is an example of a pre-defined template:

Pre-defined template feature in InkyBay-Product CustomizerHere, after clicking the “templates” option, a customer can easily choose a template from the given options. This predefined template feature is really helpful for those customers who want to purchase in bulk with the same design.

  • The third solution – Creating a communication bridge between customers and store owners through an app was the third challenge in the photographer’s toolbox. 

InkyBay-Product Customizer includes several valuable features that reduce the need for additional communication. Suppose you consider font size, height, width, letter spacing, line height, style, shape, shadow, and many more. So ultimately 

Moreover, InkyBay also allows you to add a “Get a quote” button, which allows customers to send a special message to the store owner. though the photographer’s toolbox is not using this button.

InkyBay’s- Product Personalizer solves all business challenges for the photographer’s toolbox, and here is the reflection: The team at Inkybay are particularly conscientious and dedicated to making sure our website does exactly what we need it to do. They are fast and reliable and know what they are doing. They also make sure they understand our issues fully before acting on them. Our last provider of a similar service made us feel like an inconvenience, and their answers were short and often unhelpful – but Inkybay is NOT like that at all. They welcome our support questions, and they make us feel like we are in safe hands. And their app is brilliant. It has been carefully developed with a deep understanding of its customer’s diverse, but printing-focused needs. Highly recommended.

So, here is the long, satisfactory note from the owner of the photographer’s toolbox to InkyBay. If you are new to the product personalization marketplace, try InkyBay-Product Personalizer.

Bottom Line

The photographer’s toolbox is a unique shop doing very well in the field of product personalization business. As they are selling bunches of customized photo products, hopefully, they will increase their variety according to the demand of their customers.  

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Photographer's toolbox using InkyBay

The Photographer’s Toolbox

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Country: Australia
Product Type: Box sets, Dry mount photo album , Gift section , Personalized USBsPhoto album matted shipping , Photo boxes, others.

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