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Prepare for the 2024 New Year Sales with 7 Essential Steps

New year sales preparation

New year sales preparation

After Christmas, it is now the time for the New Year. Hopefully, you have reached the sales target for Christmas. In the meantime, make some plans for the New Year. Consumers will already be in the Christmas shopping mood, so make this an excellent opportunity to run a deal that will encourage them to purchase from you.

According to Data Dwell, 1 in 5 organizations claims they don’t have the resources to handle sales effectively. So do not be one of them. Plan something different from ordinary businessmen.

A proper plan for the new year can bring more profit to your business than last year. But what preparation should you take? In this article, we will talk about the most relevant sales preparation for your business. But before that, let’s discuss the importance of customer analysis on the eve of the new year.

Customer Analysis: Your Secret Weapon for New Year Sales

Understanding your target market and their needs is crucial in sales, but planning and preparation may take various forms.

Gather customer information before you start your new year’s sales campaign. Use everything at your disposal. For example, social media may provide insight into people’s personalities, current industry trends, and the interests of potential customers. Spend time studying the customer’s industry as well as their potential.

Although many businesses might benefit from collaborating with an intentional data provider, just 40% do so, according to a TrustRadius study. Suppose you know how to interpret data and how it relates to your sales cycle. In that case, you may learn from where your prospective customers are buying products, what services and products they are considering, and if they are considering yours or your competitors.

Collecting intent data is only one method of studying your ideal customer. Ensure your sales staff can access and comprehend the data, depending on your strategy. Though Christmas and Black Friday impact your sales preparation, the customer criteria are still different. So, don’t run all holiday sales in the same way.

Top New Year Sales Preparation Tips 

  1. Be Prepared for The New Year’s Hunt
  2. Use All Available Marketing Platforms Strategically
  3. Create Landing Pages that are Both Unique and Useful
  4. Get Up Early But Stay Up Late
  5. Plan Ahead of Time for An Increase In Business
  6. Provide Limited-Time Sales
  7. Provide Incentives to Those Who Refer Others

Tip 1- Be Prepared For The New Year’s Hunt

To become a successful seller in e-commerce, it is essential to evaluate the target audience’s values. Customers’ locations, ages, preferred trends, likes, and dislikes are all critical factors to consider when running a business. These things are also applicable for the New Year sale as well. To become a successful seller on the eve of the New Year, focus on seasonal advertising to connect emotionally with your audience. As a part of the eCommerce world, most companies start their New Year preparations in September. Because Black Friday and Christmas preparation will help you finish half of your preparation, choose your product wisely to use it versatilely. 

If you’re an online store owner at Shopify that sells personalized products, then you can use a product personalizer to offer extra perks to your customers.

Tip-2 Use All Available Marketing Platforms Strategically

If you want to run a successful holiday campaign worth the time, money, and effort you put into it, then you need to use the correct marketing channels to promote your business. You’ll be able to reach targeted customers with relevant content, resulting in higher conversion rates and revenue. 

Marketing options include social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter; advertisements on Google and Bing; and SEO-friendly blogs, which are excellent ways to market your business. Moreover, you can promote your business through email by sending out seasonal newsletters or email series.

Promotion in traditional media such as print publications, broadcast media, and physical promotion is also a good idea. There is no one outstanding marketing platform since each one is diverse and caters to a different kind of customer. Examine your marketing data from the last 12–6 months to see which channels generated the most revenue.

Tip 3- Create Landing Pages That Are Both Unique And Useful

Many businesses fail to realize the importance of having dedicated landing pages for each of their offerings. Landing pages designed for a specific campaign are always a good idea, but adding seasonal cheer never hurts. Indicating that this is a limited-time deal is essential. Overall, holiday conversion rates will likely rise if you create a landing page for each of your products or services and use that page to provide them with a clear image of your special offers.

You can make stunning landing pages with the help of one of the various landing website builder tools available. Put your trust in a reliable builder tool that won’t break the bank and has all you need to make landing pages for your sales. You may improve your sales by following these guidelines for developing effective landing pages:

The page should be designed with the user’s needs in mind. Don’t overload your website with unnecessary information; give the vital information that your customers need to know. The benefits should be easy to understand so that buyers can quickly decide if the product is worth it for them or not. 

In such a case, use the correct CTA and put it in an easy-to-find spot on the website. Clarify the purchasing and couponing processes for your users. Make it easy for your consumers to do what you want. The landing page has to be optimized for mobile use. The fact that most consumers now purchase online from their phones might help you make a killing over the holidays.

Tip 4- Get Up Early But Stay Up Late

Holiday shoppers always look for deals. If you can get ahead of the competition by advertising early and running your promotions for longer, you’ll have a significant advantage. This method can be used by any business to make more money.

Tip 5- Plan Ahead Of Time For An Increase In Business

Before you start your New Year’s Eve advertising, make sure everything is in good working condition that can help you handle the predicted boost in orders and sales.

In such cases, You have to keep backup supplies if you ever do run out of an item or your inventory levels are sufficient enough to keep shortages. If your staff has been appropriately trained and prepared, you may safely raise the average workload. Make sure whenever the number of people using your site suddenly increases, it won’t crash. If you need confirmation, talk to your web host.

Tip 6- Provide Limited-Time Sales

The New Year shopping season is a great time to run pop-up eCommerce sales. For now, you can provide a good discount for a limited time, such as raising a standard 45% discount to 50% off for a single hour. During the sale, you may do this many times in a day. This tactic is also beneficial for Black Friday promotions.

Some additional advice on making the most of limited-time offers is to put up countdown clocks and pop-ups to let people know when your deal is about to end. You may keep tabs on the success of various sales periods or special offers by using discount coupons tailored to each sale. Don’t forget to tell people about the discount via your website, social media, and email.

Tip 7- Provide Incentives To Those Who Refer Others

Referral marketing is more effective over the holiday season. Consumers who refer your goods to their friends, relatives, colleagues, etc., highly benefit your company. Those customers should be rewarded with a price cut or special treatment. Referrals are the most overlooked prospecting method while also being the most effective. Make it a weekly goal to generate at least two references.

Customers who refer you to a friend might get a $20 discount. Your customers are essentially advertising for you for free, and you receive the advantage of more customers and more money. Focus on such aspects during the New Year sales.

Marketing Tips For New Year Sales

Marketing Tip 1- Prioritizing a Holiday Theme 

According to a top design firm, 50% of customers say website design is vital to creating sustainable brand value. You may have made adequate preparations for your New Year’s Eve sale, but the practice is incomplete unless your store has a festive appearance. If you are a Shopify store owner, you must know that there are a lot of themes available for Shopify. If you have already used a Christmas theme, change it into a New Year one.

Marketing Tip 2- Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Send your existing customers an email to tell them about the sale details. The email should be personalized and convincing so that customers can feel connected. To run a smooth email campaign, choose an appropriate platform, or you can use email marketing automation. Improve the mobile-friendliness of your emails. Don’t spam them with ads. Provide your client with a relatable point of reference. Moreover, monitoring daily email traffic, email system verification and textual information are all essential aspects of email marketing.

Marketing Tip 3- Focus on Developing Emotional Attachments 

Successful companies often use emotional marketing, which is a potent marketing tactic. Customers nowadays are more picky and well-informed than before, so it requires more work to get them to make a successful purchase.

Understanding how clients’ emotions influence purchasing decisions is the key to winning them, even if you have a quality product. According to Motista, 71% of shoppers with an emotional bond with a brand are likely to recommend the company to others.

Creating an emotional connection with your customers is the most effective marketing method. On the eve of the new year, this technique is helpful for any business. Numerous successful brands have benefited from the company’s rapid growth. Compared to the industry average of 45%, an emotional connection between a consumer and a brand results in a 306% increase in customer lifetime value and a 71% increase in the likelihood that the customer will refer to the firm.

Marketing Tip 4- Promoting The Upselling And Cross-Selling Process

As a businessman, you can use upselling and cross-selling patterns to boost sales. If you can measure your clients’ tendency for impulsive buying, you may use their information to your advantage when upselling and cross-selling. Suggest an upgraded product your customer has already planned to purchase, and the new year’s sale is an excellent time to upsell your customer. If a consumer wants headphones, you may suggest connected alternatives. However, cross-selling helps encourage a buyer to buy more products than those they came to buy.

Marketing Tip 5- Do Not Ignore The Abandoned Cart Issue 

The average rate of cart abandonment around the world is 71.4%. The Americas come in second with 71.4%, while Europe, the Middle East, and Africa come in third with a rate of 68.83%. In such a situation, an abandoned cart remainder can increase the number of your customers on the occasion of New Year.

Because according to Sale Cycle, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s sales, as well as other gift-giving holidays, reportedly reduced abandonment rates and increased traffic volumes. It’s a sign that shoppers want to purchase before the discount ends. So utilize this holiday moment wisely to reduce the abandonment cart issue.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the new year is the perfect time for boosting your sales, but without good preparation, the sales can be ruined. So be well prepared before starting the new year sale.

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