Fun Gift Wrap – Makes Your Loved One Feel Special

Fun Gift Wrap – A Cute Story Behind an Amazing Business Idea

Carrie Weimer has been in the graphics business for 20 years now. On her nephew’s sixth birthday party she came up with a brilliant and surprising idea about the gift. She printed the little one’s photograph in which he has missing teeth and all with a number 6 that looks like a candle on the wrapping paper and wrapped the gift with it.

Later, at the party, she figured out that the gift was separately kept on top of the refrigerator by her nephew’s mom. When she talked to the mom she said – “I saw the gift and wanted to save the gift wrapping paper, not have it ripped off the package.” She also said she would save the wrapping paper and cherish it forever.

Designer Gift Wrapping Paper with Your PhotographFor Carrie, it was an overwhelming feeling to find out how a simple gift wrap could become so special for someone. And she decided to provide this profound and emotionally compelling feeling to everyone. Eventually, this idea led her to create the Fun Gift Wrap business of custom printed gift wrap.

Custom Printed Gift Wrap

Fun Gift Wrap is a dedicated business of custom printed gift wrap. What you have to do is provide your loved one’s photo and choose the design of your wrap and the rest will be done by the company. They will print the gift wrap along with the photo and the product will be delivered to your door in time.

Custom Printed Gift Wrap

At present, Fun Gift Wrap is producing gift wraps for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and for other occasions.

Why Self-Customization Became Part of Fun Gift Wrap?

As the customers ordering gift wraps on the online store of Fun Gift Wrap, they cannot choose the design in person. So, after ordering the outcome of the product may not satisfy them or meet their expectations. So, it became necessary for the company to provide the self-customization option to their customers. Through the customization options, they will be able to select roll size, upload custom photos with a pre-designed template, quantity and color overall, personalize their gift wrap themselves with a live preview of their gift wrap creation outcome.

Self-Customization Became Part of Fun Gift WrapFun Gift Wrap chose to integrate its online store with Inkybay Product Customizer which is a web-based gift wrap personalization tool and an ultimate solution for self-customization.

The Successful Inclusion of Inkybay as Gift Wrap Personalizer

Inkybay Product Customizer is a web-based ultimate product personalization tool. Inkybay has opened the door to all the possibilities one can imagine about customizing a product no matter if it is a simple daily life toothpick to automobile or even home interior.

Inkybay support team helps Fun Gift Wrap with the customization and simplifying of the design tool based on their requirements.

Gift Wrap Personalization InterfaceWhen personalizing a product online, Inkybay lets the customers choose texts, fonts, logos, making materials as they require. They can easily place an order or make a quote. The most amazing thing about Inkybay is that it lets the customer preview the outcome of the personalized product and if not satisfied they can easily improve further before choosing it for the final order. In the end, the store owner is receiving the print-ready vector files (PDF/SVG). This app does exactly what we wanted. The customer uploads their image to our designs and we create custom printed gift wrap. Any feature i was looking for is in the app. The support is great, usually on line or will usually fix first let me know to check out the fixes I requested. Very responsive support 5 stars. I am currently on the Advanced Plan and will be going to the Professional plan soon as we add additional designs for our customers. There is very extensive back end functionality with the ability to make many tweaks. I do wish the instructions were better, but when I have a problem, Inkybay has explained it in an email and in some cases have created a private video to better explain the issue. Again 5 stars for the support. Great value for the cost in my mind.

Mike Drysdale,

Customers can choose the length of the gift wrap and add a photograph to the available design on the store of Fun Gift Wrap. Then the company checks the image for quality printing and sends it for printing the personalized design and photo.

Final Thought

Fun Gift Wrap is a business where a person’s in-depth feelings are prioritized first. How so? If we go back to the story of Carrie Weimer we see how much she wanted to provide that profound, special, lifetime cherishable and treasure-like feel of a mother to everyone. A beautiful heartfelt reason has always been working behind this business.

The business is continuing & serving the purpose ceaselessly…

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Fun Gift Wrap

Fun Gift Wrap

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