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Joomla/Virtuemart Shirt design Tool

Joomla t shirt designer software

As this was a flash based software, This is now deprecated.
Please take a look at our New HTML5 Product Designer Software (Inkybay)

Products Designer custom Tee shirt design software is now available fully integrated with Joomla / Virtuemart latest version . T-shirt designer is ideal for customizing various type of products like T-shirt / apparel designer, Laptop Skin designer, Sign board designer, Stamp designer, Ad designer, Cap / Hat designer, Shoe designer, Mobile phone / iphone / ipad skin designer, Surfboard designer, Wine bottle label designer, Bags, Mugs, Button Designer, Label Designer, USB Device.


Joomla/Virtuemart Custom T-shirt designer Feature

  1. Designer software
  2. Designer will load with default product (default product can set from VirtueMart admin)
  3. Product Tab features
    1. By default designer load Special products defined from VM
    2. Browse products by category
    3. Select/change a product for customizing
    4. View product details in designer (show product image, available colors, available sizes, product description)
    5. Select product color from available colors
    6. Customize the product with clipart, text, Shape and uploaded image/artwork etc.a
    7. Change product view/sides for customize (select from available sides view for the product)a
    8. Size Information (View size info table for the selected product)
    9. Product Zoom option
    10. Add additional instruction or comments for design
  4. Clip art Tab features
    1. By default clipart tab loads popular clip art set from admin.
    2. Browse clip art by category/subcategory
    3. Add clipart to product/stage
    4. Change clip art color from available printing method and colors (Admin can manage printing methods and colors from backend)
    5. Select clip art layer [1 or 2 or 3] for change color for selected layer of the clip art (for vector SVG clip art only)
    6. Duplicate clipart
    7. Delete / remove clip art
    8. Rotate clipart
    9. Move clipart
    10. Scale clip art (horizontal, vertical, corner)
    11. Move to front option
    12. Send to back option
    13. Zoom design
    14. Flip clip art both horizontally and vertically
  5. Text Tab features
    1. Add own text (also can add multiline text)
    2. Edit text
    3. Select font from available fonts
    4. Bold, Italic, underline text
    5. Text shadow
    6. Change Text color from available printing method and colors
    7. In line text alignment left, right, center (for multiline text)
    8. Arc text
    9. Arc adjustment with arc radios and spacing
    10. Text spacing
    11. Vertical text
    12. Text Outline (Adjust outline size and color)
    13. Flip text both horizontally and vertically
    14. Duplicate text
    15. Delete / remove text
    16. Rotate text
    17. Move text
    18. Scale text (horizontal, vertical, corner)
    19. Move to front option
    20. Send to back option
  6. Shape Tab features
    1. Add a shape from shape gallery (Like Star, Circle, Line, Rounded shape, triangle, polygon, rectangle) also can add any type of shape to shape gallery.
    2. Change shape color
    3. Change Border Color
    4. Adjust border size
    5. Flip shape both horizontally and vertically
    6. Delete/remove shape
    7. Rotate shape
    8. Move shape
    9. Scale shape (horizontal, vertical, corner)
    10. Move to front option
    11. Send to back option
  7. Upload (my art) Tab features
    1. Upload image / logo
    2. Select an image to use in product
    3. Flip image both horizontally and vertically
    4. Delete / remove image
    5. Rotate image
    6. Move image
    7. Scale image (horizontal, vertical, corner)
    8. Show warning message if a user tries to scale image more than actual size needs.
    9. Move to front option
    10. Send to back option
  8. Add to cart button
    1. Enter quantity under available size option
    2. Add to cart will add the designed product to shopping cart
    3. User design details show on the cart.
  9. Unit price
    1. Designer will show the unit price of a product with design price (average)
  10. Total price
    1. Total price will show the total price with user entered quantity.

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