Gubbacci- A Unique eCommerce Store For Customized Apparel

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Gubbacci Offers an Opportunity for Brand Expression Through Customized Apparel

Branding is important for all businesses. Most companies want to become well-known brands but don’t know how. The problem is that most new businesses don’t have the money to market their products creatively. Branded custom clothing is a cheap and effective way to get a company’s name out there.

Not only branding but also wearing something with a unique design, like a t-shirt with one’s name or a design, can make an individual feel good and happy.

There are bunches of eCommerce stores available on the market, and Gubbacci is one of them. It is a clothing store that sells both pre-customized and consumer-customized apparel.

As the market for customized appeal is very competitive, Gubbacci has had to face many business challenges and has also learned new things about how to make customers happy and satisfied through services and products.

In this article, we will see what products Gubbacci sells, what its business motto is, what its business challenges were, and what solutions it found. Let’s start with their business overview.

Let’s Go To Gubbacci’s Shop

Gubbacci provides a wide variety of options for personalized clothing in the field of web-to-print, such as t-shirts, school uniforms, blazers, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, and more. Customers can choose from various options, like sleeve length, neckline, wicking material, and organic cotton, to get the perfect clothes.

Gubbacci is committed to providing customers with the highest-quality product possible. Its manufacturing partners have been in operation for years, and it is working with well-known brands both internationally and in India.

From the initial inquiry to design, production, and timely delivery, its team works closely with the customer at every step of the customization.

Gubbacci has different clothing sections in their stores, and they are-

  • Design Studio (customized products)
  • Custom Apparel (Men, Women, Kid, Cricket Jersey, Shirts)
  • Gubbacci Collection
  • Artist’s Collection 
  • Bulk Orders 
  • Uniforms (MBA suits, college uniforms, school uniforms)

Gubbacci provides its service in several areas of India, including Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Kochi. As it has different clients from several places, Gubbacci has made two particular sections named “Design Studio” and “custom apparel” for customers who like customized apparel.

What do you think? Why did Gubbacci just create sections like this? Let’s find out about the need for and significance of the Design Studio and custom apparel sections.

Design Studio and Custom Apparel: Two Useful Sections for Customized Clothing Lovers

The idea of customized apparel is now appreciated by all classes of people because of its reasonable cost and availability. Moreover, people have figured out how important customized clothing is for building a brand.

The design studio mainly lets Gubbacci customers design their own clothes with creative design elements. Gubbacci is very concerned about its customers’ needs and the growing market for custom clothing, though they have its own designer too.

We will find out later which app Gubbacci is using to make customized clothes. For now, let’s see why Gubbacci added this section to their shop.

Reason 1: Helping Customers to Present Their Brands Uniquely Through customized Apparel

The main motivation for adding the design studio and custom apparel sections was to cope with existing challenges in the custom clothing industry. Since Gubbacci’s main concern was developing brands through custom apparel, it is very obvious that every brand will want to create something new instead of repetition.

So, Gubbacci was looking for a solution that would help its customers showcase their brands easily through customized clothing.

Reason 2: Minimize The Confusion Between The Manufacturer And The Customers

Every company has its own unique method of creativity. The process of describing a brand name or logo concept elaborately to a custom apparel manufacturer often results in misunderstandings on both sides and is time-consuming too.

Since Gubbacci is in the same boat, to solve the problem, it has decided to use a special application to get the job done in the right way.

Reason 3: Targeting Specific Customers

Gubbacci sells different apparel products in different parts of India. Because of this, Gubbacci has decided to divide its items into distinct sections for different customer groups. And they created a design studio and custom apparel sections.

While working with customers, Gubbacci has found that some of the customers want to design their own products, and this section is for those customers.

For this reason, Gubbacci has decided to add “Design Studio” and “custom apparel” segments for that particular customer criteria. So they were looking for a quick fix that would allow them to create such a segment.

And finally, they have found an easy solution for their clothing customization business. Now, you’re probably wondering what software it is using to make custom clothing. Let’s unfold.

InkyBay-Product Customizer: The Provider of The “Design Studio and Custom Apparel” Segment For Gubbacci

InkyBay-Product Customizer is an application that has its own design lab and allows customers to add text, motifs, gifs, graphics, color, etc. Moreover, customers can also upload a file of their choice.

In the case of Gubbacci, it is allowing customers to choose color, add text, graphics, and upload files. So, initially, InkyBay is helping Gubbacci to achieve its custom apparel business goal.


gubbacci using InkyBay - product personalizer

InkyBay- Product personalizer lets consumers add text and upload files, which solves both the problem of creating brand value and the problem of miscommunication. Which actually works for Gubbacci.

Furthermore, by using InkyBay- Product Personalizer, the Gubbacci customer will be able to see useful buttons such as “design it,” and “preview it”.

gubbacci using product personalizer

And after “add to cart,” the customer can send a special quote to the manufacturer about the product.

Special quote for manufacturers in InkyBay-Product customizer

InkyBay- Product Customizer has successfully identified the need for Gubbacci, and here is the reflection:

The team reached out to me. They have promised to build the feature as it is necessary for our e-commerce store. They have been prompt on what is being built at this moment.

– Gubbacci review from Shopify app store

If you are an eCommerce customized apparel businessman and want to get the features like Gubbacci, then try InkyBay-Product Personalizer. This application would be a real helping hand for your print-on-demand business.

Bottom Line

Gubbacci is successfully running its eCommerce customized clothing business in the field of web-to-print. It will make more progress in the long run because Gubbacci’s business model is very flexible and it is focusing on both customer demand and profit.

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