Heartwood Creations – Offers You An Intriguing Secret Box To Keep All Your Trinkets Together

Charm of A Secret Wooden Box!!

Are you having troubles keeping your medicines or pills together or keeping safe some of your small jewelries or trinkets? Think of the small earrings that your husband presented you on your thirteenth marriage anniversary. Some memories hold an ocean of emotional attachment and worth safe keeping.

What about having a beautifully crafted wooden box to hold all your small but treasure-like memories at one place?

Heartwood Creations, is the right place for you. Heartwood is a Rockford, Illinois based woodcraft business that crafts personalized secret wooden boxes for the ones like you.

Heartwood CreationsIt All Started With A Cute Romantic Story

The passion for woodworking grew inside Mike Fisher in his childhood when he experienced his father making furniture for their home. The woodworking journey started when Mike crafted a secret box himself for his girlfriend 40 years ago.

Such a cute romantic story of a handcrafted gift like a secret box for a girlfriend, isn’t it?

Woodwork became Mike’s career afterward and his works turned into a renowned business named Heartwood Creations in 1978.

Heartwood Creation Products

Heartwood started their journey with crafting secret wooden boxes. Many other wood-crafted products were added to the product bucket with the passing years. The boxes and other items are manufactured based on different occasions following a wide range of themes with a variety of artistic endeavors.

Heartwood Creation Includes wooden engraved products-

  • Hinged Boxes – Music Box, Cribbage Box, Pill Box, Ring Box, Knife Case, Eyeglass Case, Card Case, Puzzle Box, Terra Flip-flop Box.
  • Secret Boxes – Quote Box, Treasure Box.
  • Jewelry Boxes – Jewelry Box, Velvet Box.
  • Special Use Items – Cutting Board, Photo Frame, Compasses, Mirrors, Stamp DIspensers, Sachet (Potpourri) Boxes, Business Card Holder, Magnetic Catch Boxes.

Why Self-personalization Was Needed In A Business Like Woodwork?

Heartwood Creation crafts laser engraved secret wooden boxes for their customers. But all the customers may not like fixed design, same shape, or even a quote written on the box as everyone has their own choices and preferences. So it was necessary to sync the business with the customer preferences. That is when exactly the self-personalization option became a necessity.

The company needed something that will let the customers choose the boxes’ designs and shapes or pick a beautiful quote themselves. This way they will feel creative and emotionally attached to the product. The sole purpose of purchasing a secret wooden box is to keep safe some tiny valuable products people are mentally attached to. The romantic story of the owner Mike Fisher behind the business holds quite the same reason.

That’s when Heartwood Creation introduced self-personalization options to their customers in their online store by integrating a web-based self personalization application Inkybay – Product Customizer. In result, customers got the opportunity to design their own boxes according to their tastes and preferences.

Inkybay & Heartwood Creations

Shopify Wooden Engraving Personalization appInkybay a wooden engraving customization tool, simplified the personalization options for Heartwood Creation. With a simple customization button added leads the customers to the product personalization interface.

On the user-interface, customers can add texts or graphics on top or bottom of the boxes they have chosen. Also, there are options from where customers can select quantity, add notes, do the unit and total pricing of the products. Before making the final order, they can finally review the design from the preview option available on the interface.

After the order is made, the company receives a print-ready vector file (SVG/PDF/JPG) that makes the production faster and instantaneous. It also saves in-house design expenses as well.

Inkybay is an ultimate engraved wooden product personalization tool that not only let’s one to design secret boxes but also capable of designing or customizing a simple toothpick, bar blades, apparels, beauty and fitness products, tableware, game equipment, and many more.

Final Words – The Journey

The business of Heartwood Creation Began in Mike Fisher’s home garage. That small step led to an amazing dream company eventually.

At the age of sixteen, Mike created his first secret wooden box from birch with a sliding dovetail. He put a romantic note inside for his girlfriend. That small romantic gesture of love led him to create a successful business like Heartwood Creation today.

It’s been 41 years now since the business started. The business moved to a bigger facility after a decade it started. Later the products manufacturing techniques were improved. The company had many talented craftspeople along the journey. The craftsmanship and artistry not only made the business renowned in the USA but also worldwide.

No matter how many products were included in the business afterward, the Classic Secret Box remained the business Trademark.

The Journey Continues…

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Heartwood Creations using Inkybay

Heartwood Creations

eCommerce platform: Shopify
URL: https://heartwood.com/
Country: USA
Product Type: Custom Engraved Hinged Boxes, Secret Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Cutting Board, Photo Frame, Compasses, Mirrors, Stamp DIspensers, Sachet (Potpourri) Boxes, Business Card Holder, Magnetic Catch Boxes.

This app works very well. I worked for 2 years and spent $20K developing a HTML5 personalization app for our old Magneto site. What a pain.
We moved to Shopify 2 months ago and had worked on a different app called customify. Luckily we found Inkybay in time. This app is mature, feature rich and intuitive. It handles pricing rules, multi side printing etc very nicely. Six years of looking for an affordable and professional custom app and we found it!
The support has been exceptional.

– Heartwood review from Shopify app store.

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