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In The Clouds – A Home For Modern Custom Vinyl Record

In The Clouds – Modern Vinyl Record

What is a vinyl record? We already know about phonograph records or simple records. It was analog sound storage. But in the mid-2000s, the music record started to be known as a vinyl record or only vinyl.

In The Clouds is a New Jersey-based company since 2011. Since the beginning, the company had the sole target to use out of the box ideas to provide a great experience to the music lovers by creating unique modern vinyl records.


Music is at the heart of everything we do, and Creativity is what drives us. ~ In The Clouds ~

In The Clouds – How Did The Journey Begin?

Dan Marter, in his college life, transferred all his music collections from CDs over to an iPod. But as from a desire to own something physical in his possession, he thought-out to have vinyl records. With the growing collection of vinyl records, Dan found some of his favorite music was not available in the market, and surprisingly, they were not even released. Dan didn’t want to wait for someone to release it, yet he took the initiative to release it all by himself.

Besides, the design company Dan already had, where he used to make websites, design t-shirts, and any other possible works that will provide him extra cash. He started making vinyl records for himself first and later for others like artists or any other who was interested.


The music mp3 or sound works great on the digital platform. But, not necessarily, it will work out for the vinyl record, which is a matter of concern. To make it possible to make the music sound play smooth on the records In The Cloud introduced the lathe cutting process in the business. They optimize the music for lathe cutting so that it sounds perfect on vinyl.

Make your own Lathe Cut Vinyl Record

Customization In The Business

In The Clouds helps the artists with Tshirts, buttons, posters, stickers, CD duplication, etc. Customers might require a Tee designed according to their choices, or the record cover designed as they want it. As nowadays, customization or customized products are becoming popular. So it became necessary to integrate a customization solution in the business to make it run smoothly.

For this reason, In The Clouds introduced a web-based customization solution named Inkybay – Product Customizer. Inkybay helps the business to let artists design their Tees or record cover or any other customizable merchandise.

Inkybay – As Vinyl Record Customizer

Inkybay makes it easier for customers to design their vinyl records. First, the MP3 or WAV files are required to upload on both A and B sides. Then, select 33 or 45 RPM from the drop-down menu for the recording speed. After uploading the files, click on the start of designing the button for further customization. Second, after the design interface opens, you can customize the labels or cover choosing Add Image.

Inkybay Vinyl Record Customizer

The same way you can select your songs, reorder or add images for O Card Cassette Labels and Jackets. Once the image is added, for the design, you can position, scale, rotate, and delete using the tools at the corners.

In The Cloud using Inkyaby’s advanced product options feature to allow their customers to select additional album details. Product quantity discount feature to provide additional discounts for bulk purchases. Also, the Inkybay team did the integration with UploadKit (a 3rd party Shopify app) to allow audio file uploading for personalized albums.

Also, Inkybay works as a T-shirt customizer for In The Clouds business. With a user-friendly interface, customers can easily select the product, add text, graphic, name, QR code, edit colors, add notes, and browse design data. Inkybay product personalizer also lets the customer easily design the back and front of the Tee.

Final Words

In the end, it can be said that the Vinyl lathe cut recording is the result of Dan Marter’s passion for music and vinyl records. Undoubtedly, the unique and out of the box idea has uplifted the music experience for people and brought a revolutionary change to the vinyl music industry.

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In The Clouds

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If 6 stars was an option I would give it that! – Rashed and the team have consistently delivered far beyond all expectations since Day 1 – A fantastic app, with seemingly endless options and easy setup – it has helped my store get back on track when other design tools missed the mark. For anyone who is offering custom products on there store look no further than Inkybay. It has it all!

– In The Cloud review from Shopify app store.

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