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Surprisingly, the customised product business has grown so quickly in the 21st century. Customers are becoming more interested in individualized products these days. It could be because of their tastes or because they want to keep up with the latest trends.

Reasons could be anything, but printed products are an excellent option to meet client demand in such situations there is no doubt. For this reason, businesses are moving into the print production industry to benefit from the growing demand for customized products.

There are many different kinds of printed products on the market, such as mugs, posters, dresses, gift items, etc. Vinyl stickers, decals, and clothes are all examples of digitally printed products. Several shops on Shopify sell these kinds of goods, and Stick N Peel Graphics is one of them. Today we will talk about Stick n Peel Graphics, a print business on Shopify. The major focus of their business is delivering innovative customised items, but they also sell various printed goods that their clients may personalize product according to their preferences.

Hopefully, you’ve already gotten a general idea of Stick N Peel’s business motto, let’s dig in deeper. 

Let’s Have An Expedition To Stick N Peel

Stick N Peel is a collection of customised items, especially stickers. They tried out different inks, printers, cutters, and blades to customize stickers and they found the best way to make high-quality stickers. 

Their stickers don’t get wet and can be used both inside and outside. Additionally, they provide stickers at a preferable price. Not only stickers but also their all items have effectively satisfied their clients because of their free shipping and free digital proof facility.

In the field of product customization, Stick N Peel has now established its position strongly, but in the print business, it is difficult to satisfy each consumer, yet they have succeeded. But how do they become successful? Any idea? All right, we will talk about it, now have a look at what types of products they are selling.

  • Business card 
  • Clothing
  • Decals
  • Stickers 
  • Keychains
  • Custom License Plates
  • Mylar Bags
  • Poster Print 
  • Sublimated Product

As you can see, almost all of Stick N Peel’s products can be customized and they take the chances of selling both personalized and customized products. As a result, they were looking for the scope of how to use that chance to make money for their business.

But the truth is that, just like other businesses, they also faced business challenges that they eventually overcame. Let’s find out what challenges they face and what solutions they have found for their customization business.

Business challenges of Stick N Peel Graphics

Meeting each customer’s goals, understanding the current design culture, and guessing customer choice are the main challenges of a product customization business.

People who are fond of customised products have individual choices, and they are much more focused on their own decisions. As a result, it becomes tricky for the business to fill everyone’s demands on time fully. As Stick N Peel is doing product customization, they also faced the same difficulties.


Initially, Stick N Peel was focused on pre-customized products, but they soon realized that a pre-customized product can’t meet every customer’s needs. For example, when it came to stickers, their customers wanted specific stickers for birthdays or holidays, and some wanted to make their personalised license plates. This need can’t be met by products that have already been made.

Because of this, their customers were unhappy, which harmed the growth of their business, additionally in Shopify customers can not design their products. So, as a part of the solution, they just point out the area where they need modification. These are things we have added value that they were looking for.

What Things Stick N Peel Was Looking For?

Product Customized button in Stick N Peel Graphics

Stick N Peel Graphics was looking to add-

  • Text
  • Graphics
  • Logo
  • Predefined templets 
  • Wanted to allow their customers to upload file
  • User-friendly mobile version
  • Get a Quote button

So these are the things that they want to add to their product and they just want to allow their customer to add these things. They are doing business at Shopify so they already know about third-party product customization applications. But they were confused about the performance of those apps. 

Finally, they chose InkyBay – Product Customizer as their business helping hand. And InkyBay helps Stick N Peel to pull off their business by solving their business challenges. But how InyBay- Product Personalizer helped them?

Inkybay- Product Personalizer Is A Magical Tool For Product Customization

Why are we referring to Inkybay as a magical tool? A product that can fulfill a business’s needs is a magical tool indeed.

InkyBay is a third-party application for all types of print businesses. It allows its users to add their design to a particular product by adding text, logo, graphics, and colour, which is the primary use of Stick N Peel.

An interesting fact is that InkyBay has a clipart and font library that lets customers use a variety of cliparts/motifs, fonts, and designs. One plus point is that the whole process of customization will be performed online through a design lab. As a result, the customer or the user will not face any hassle.

Therefore, after completing the design and saving the design, the customer will be free to leave. Because the file link will be sent to his email, and after placing an order, the design file will be saved in 4 formats, which are PDF, SVG, PNG, and JPG. That is easy-going for both parties.

File saving process of designed file in InkBay

Additionally, InkyBay is made with advanced HTML5/JS technology that doesn’t use Flash and works on any device and all modern browsers. The Mobile UI makes it easy to pick. So again, InkyBay can solve the other problem of Stick N Peel.

Then, by using inkyBay, any store owner can set a predefined template and allow their customers to upload files. As a result, the store owner can get ideas from traditional design culture and predefined templates, saving customers time and effort. This is another need for Stick N Peel.

And lastly, after placing an order, the user can see a “get a quote” button, which was the other business challenge for Stick N Peel graphics. By using the button, a customer can send any important message or requirement to the store owner, which can gain customer trust in the business and the owner can also get a chance to make the customer fully satisfied.

“Get a quote” button in InkyBay

So, we can see InkyBay has successfully solved all the difficulties of Stick N Peel, so what do you think? Is Stick N Peel Graphics becoming satisfied? Okay, take a look at this valuable review by the owner of Stick N Peel Graphics about InkyBay.

Best product designer on Shopify. I’ve tried dozens of other apps. The support is great, everything works as it should. My only gripe is the limitation on products for the different categories. Changing sizes of the stage is only able to be done with a new product, so you can run up those numbers quickly, but the app is worth every dollar. It saves me tons of time and is insanely customizable. THANK YOU

Which Products Does Stick N Peel Personalize Using Inkybay?

  • Aluminum Business Cards
  • Black and White Thermal Printed Labels (Roll) 1″ x 2.125″ White Labels
  • Business Cards – 14pt Gloss Covered
  • Circle Stickers
  • Custom Motorcycle License Plate
  • Custom Poster Print 20″ x 30″
  • Custom Sweatshirt Quote
  • Custom T-Shirt Quote
  • Custom White T-Shirt
  • Flight Tag Fabric Key Chains Custom Print
  • Mylar Bags – 4″ x 6″ (1/4 Ounce) Stand up, Resealable, Smell-proof Bags
  • Square Stickers
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Vinyl Banners 5x3ft
  • Wristlet Keychain Wrist Lanyard Custom Printed

Here, you can see that Stick N Peel Graphics has a lot of products in their store that are using InkyBay. So, if you sell these kinds of products and need help with customization from an app, you should try InkyBay – Product Customizer to deal with business challenges.

Final Thought

We must say Stick N Peel Graphics is a good strategist in the field of print product providers. Because the competition for Shopify product customization is relatively high. Stick n Peel graphics made a proper plan to beat their competitors along with gaining a high profit.

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Stick N Peel Graphics

eCommerce platform: Shopify
Country: USA
Product Type: Apparel, Packaging, Paper product, Stickers, Vinyl material, etc.

Best product designer on Shopify. I’ve tried dozens of other apps. The support is great, everything works as it should. My only gripe is the limitation on products for the different categories. Changing sizes of the stage is only able to be done with a new product, so you can run up those numbers quickly, but the app is worth every dollar. It saves me tons of time and is insanely customizable. THANK YOU
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