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T-Shirt Printing UK: A Top Pick of eCommerce Customized Apparel Lovers

T-Shirt Printing UK using product personalizerThe market for eCommerce custom-printed t-shirts is expanding dramatically. From companies to individuals, people are becoming interested in personalized or customized apparel to wear, and t-shirts are one of them.

Focusing on the demand, traditional t-shirt businesses are converting into customized ones. According to Designhill, the customized T-shirt printing sector will be worth more than $10 billion worldwide by 2025. The eCommerce customized T-shirt business is lucrative, but it is also difficult.

There are some top brands in eCommerce that sell customized apparel and T-shirts and allow their customers to design them on their own. T-shirt printing in the U.K. is one of them. 

In this section, we’ll discuss how “T-shirt Printing UK” operates its customized business, the challenges it faced, and how it overcame those challenges. First of all, let’s see what T-shirt printing actually sells.

T-Shirt Printing UK: A Destination for Customized Apparel Lovers

In addition to t-shirts, T-shirt printing UK sells various other apparel items. It has different segments of products. Such as- 

  • Shop by product
  • Shop by brands
  • Men 
  • Women
  • Kids and babies

“T-shirt printing UK” just opened the door for every type of eCommerce custom apparel customer. It provides the facility for customization for all segments. So, it has been able to attract a wide range of customers, and the fact that consumers can customize their own products makes the business more reliable.

T-shirt printing  UK is a booming business now, but it had to overcome the typical challenges and troubles that a web-to-print shop usually faces.

What are the Business Troubles that T-Shirt Printing UK Had to Deal With?

A store with a hundred different products is great for traditional business. Still, in e-commerce, customers prefer to buy from shops that allow them to customize based on their preferences. Moreover, when shops provide product customization services, customers count them as unique stores. For T-shirt printing in the UK, the main challenges were:

  • Establishing a Versatile store
  • Matching customer preferences
  • Offering extensive product customization with discount 

Challenge 1: Establishing a Versatile store

“T-shirt Printing UK” was always a unique store that was well aware of the market for product customization. But because the market for customized products was growing, it tried to make its store flexible by giving it styling options and ways to customize. So, it looked for a solution that would last and make them better than its competitors. 

Challenge 2: Meeting every customer’s need

Offering a product with a specific personalization option is much more challenging to grab a specific market’s attention. In such cases, customization is a good choice. 

When it comes to customization, it is easy to meet the needs of all target audiences than personalization. Whenever “T-shirt Printing UK” understood the fact it become concerned about offering a broad amount of customization, printing types and customization pricing issues.

To cope with these problems it was looking for a solution.

Challenge 3: Offering Extensive Product Customization with discount 

As people are interested in customized products nowadays. As a result, some of the clients were requested “T-shirt Printing UK” to add text, QR codes, upload files, or clipart on their apparel products. Additionally,  some of the customers want to get a discount on bulk buys as well.

So, “T-shirt Printing UK” was looking for an app that would help them meet all of their customers’ needs. 

Finally, “T-shirt Printing UK” found InkyBay-Product Customizer as a quick fix for their print-on-demand business challenges.

InkyBay – Product Personalizer a Tool for Extensive Product Customization 

InkyBay- Product Customizer is a versatile product customization tool and a smart problem solver for any type of Print-on-demand business, especially in web-to-print business. 


With the InkyBay – Product personalizer, store owners can add unlimited conditional options to sell configurable products with additional options such as price and upcharge.  On the other hand, InkyBay offers bulk discounts for personalized products. As a result, merchants can offer discounts without any 3rd-party apps. 


Moreover, InkyBay allows customers to create and apply a custom tier-based discount on the quantity of a product. Discounts on bulk purchases are applicable for three types-

  • Base product price
  • Pricing for Design and Personalization
  • Option Price

Here, “T-shirt Printing Uk” is applying a discount on the base product price only –

T-shirt printing UK using base product price discount

Look at the discount overview with extensive customization of “T-Shirt Printing UK”. It is offering a discount per item with available product colours. Moreover, it is offering both customize buttons and a blank buy.

inkyBay-product customization offers a self-customization button

When the consumer will click the customise button, extensive personalization options will be available. A wide variety of personalization choices are indicated through the arrow area, such as adding text, clipart, uploading images, width, height and rotation. Which are reflecting unique customization.

InkyBay-Product Personalizer offers extensive product customization

InkyBay-Product Personalized solved the business challenges of T-shirt Printing UK and it has been using InkyBay for almost 4 years now. Here is an appreciative review of T-shirt Printing UK towards InkyBay- 

Absolutely fantastic! Could not ask for a better app so suited for our store. Integration was easy and the support on a few technical things was sorted out the same day by the support team. In my eyes deserves more than 5 stars!

“T-shirt Printing UK” is satisfied with InkyBay-product personalizer and if you have a web-to-print business, then InkyBay-Product customization can be your easy fix. Get the app now for your apparel business. Read more to know about the eCommerce t-shirt business as well.

Bottom Line

The tagline of “T-shirt Printing UK” is “you design-we print”, there is no doubt that it is just strict to its business motto. It is just running their web to print apparel business very smoothly in the field of product customization by facing all of its business challenges.

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T-Shirt Printing UK

eCommerce platform: Shopify
Country: UK
Product Type: T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Polo Shirts, Vests, Aprons, Joggers, Shorts, Caps, Chef Hats, etc.

Absolutely fantastic! Could not ask for a better app so suited for our store. Integration was easy and the support on a few technical things was sorted out the same day by the support team. In my eyes deserves more than 5 stars!

– T-Shirt-Printing-UK review from Shopify app store.

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