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HTML5 product configurator

The Products Designer HTML5 product configurator software is the key to helping your design business provide innovative solutions. It is specifically made for businesses that design and build configurable, multi-option customized products for their customers – even under tight deadlines.

Online product designer software

Powerful html5 product designer tool for printing business

Design Any Part of Product

Personalize Part of Product

Your products can be anything imaginable, and be of any measurable dimensions. If your customer only wants certain product parts customized or changed, the HTML5 product configurator software will allow you to experiment (as much as you want!) with different colors, clipart images, fonts and printing types and make edits instantly.

Live Pricing Generator

Product designer Live Pricing Generator

After putting time and energy into designing the perfect product, it is heartbreaking for a customer to ultimately discard their items based on the price that they discover once they’re finished. The Products Designer HTML5 “Live Pricing” feature avoids this issue by automatically generating and displaying pricing updates throughout the design process. Regardless of where they are in the design process, customers can view the item’s price – based on factors such as product base, color, size, styling and printing type – as they go. In the “Pricing View” section, customers will then see their grand totals, including added product quantity, unit prices and their total price.

Assortment of Product Design Ideas & Templates

Product Design Ideas Templates

The HTML5 software also allows users to browse design ideas and various templates to get their creative juices flowing! Templates are organized into categories, subcategories and are searchable by keywords. Customers can choose a design idea from the gallery, based on Admin settings, and new design elements can then be added to edit, customize and personalize the template.

Add Configurable Products

Add Configurable Products

From the Admin section of the Products Designer HTML5 software, you can add an unlimited number of configurable products with your chosen set of attributes. This feature allows your customers to choose from a variety of products and to select their attributes as per their unique design requirements.

Generate QR Codes

Generate QR Codes

The option for customers to store and access product data behind a Quick Response (QR) bar code on their product is also available. New QR codes can be generated, plain text (in any language!) can be inserted, and a background color/layer can be added. Further options allow customers to edit, resize, rotate or delete the QR code.

Use Texture/Pattern as Printing Color

Use Texture Pattern as Printing Color

This software offers the unique ability for the Admin to upload textures or patterns that can be used as a printing color option. These textures and patterns can then be made available under the printing type in the design mode interface, and an automatic extra fee can be added to the order based on each individual texture selected for use.

Design Blending Mode for Direct-To-Garment Printing

Design Blending Mode for Direct To Garment Printing

When it comes to design, especially when working with apparel digital printers such as DTG or dye sublimation, it’s important for customers to see what their product will actually look like after print. The HTML5 design blending mode provides a preview of what the design colors will look like when blended with the selected product background color after print. Since a white ink base is necessary for printing on darker colored fabrics, this virtual feature is especially helpful for designs printed on already light colored garments.

Customize Team Uniforms and Jerseys

Customize Team Uniforms

Customers’ team uniforms and jerseys can be easily customized in just a matter of mouse clicks:

  • Click “Add/Check Names” or “Add/Check Numbers” to view and edit previews of the fronts and backs of each item.
  • Click “Name & Numbers” to experiment with different colors and font styles and sizes.
  • Click “Edit Size & Quantity” to add more shirts in various sizes.

Get / Download Print Ready Vector Output

Product customizer Print Ready Vector Output

User designs can be conveniently downloaded in the vector format with edit options for complete print ready requirements before the product goes to production. Download user designs as a .zip package that contains a PNG proof view of all side designs, all side vector designs as a separate file, and all product, name and number details, complete textual description and selected product option details.

Upload & Edit Your Own Photos

HTML5 product configurator Upload Edit Photos

In addition to textures and patterns, customers can even upload their own image, rasterized photo, or vector (SVG) design. Photo editing options provide the option to instantly adjust colors or to remove white backgrounds, cropping and masking, resizing and adding special effects.

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