Printing Production Management

Production management involves overseeing, designing and controlling the various stages of production. It is essential that the process is organized. Every aspect of the production process needs to meet the necessary industry standards and must fulfill your customers’ expectations.

Simple Production Management

Effective production management is necessary for successfully coordinating orders and keeping your customers happy. The right product management solution should allow you to oversee and complete orders quickly, accurately and in an easy to understand manner via printed or digital production worksheets. Our Products Design software helps you be more productive by providing all pertinent order information in one, easy-to-navigate place, and automatically keeps your customers informed throughout the process.

    • Add the integrated shopping cart to one (or more!) of your existing sites
    • Have us create an online storefront from scratch for you
    • Scale up important features for your storefront, without the hassle of custom programming, and/or
    • Host your eCommerce store wherever you like, and we will be glad to support it.

View, Export and Download Orders for Production

In order to help keep orders organized along with their specific instructions, our production management feature will provide you with access to a production worksheet that can be downloaded from our cloud-based system. With this feature, you can assign work to your team members and actively oversee their production. Your production team members will also be able to see all relevant production information contained in the order pack that comes in the form of a .zip folder. These pieces include:

  • Proper vector design (for printing)
  • Design specs
  • Product details in text format, and
  • All thumbnails (for the design proof)

Order Status Update

Orders are easy to view and edit within the Product Design software’s product management feature. Using the “Change Order Status” function, you can make any necessary updates on the stage of production, payment, shipping or whether or not the product has been received. This is an important feature that allows you to make quick adjustments in the event of an error, such as a miscommunication with a customer.

Whether the order is online or off-line, you can view all orders on the same screen, with the queue displaying:

  • Thumbnail previews
  • Item numbers
  • Product colors
  • Customer names
  • Production status, and
  • Shipping methods.

The software will also automatically generate shipping packing slips based on weight and quantity.

This simple system eliminates the chances of lost orders – a costly problem for companies trying to keep track of orders via stacks of paper documents.

Automatic Email Notifications to Customers

One of the main reasons that customers don’t return to a company is due to poor communication. Failing to keep customers informed throughout the production process creates unnecessary tension and distrust. However, by utilizing production management software that provides customers with automatic notifications regarding the status of their design orders, you will gain their trust and strengthen their loyalty. Providing these personalized messages also avoids wasting their time (and yours!) with constant requests for status updates and puts your business well ahead of outdated competitors who keep customers’ production or shipping statuses a mystery.

Use Product Management Software to Empower Your Customers

Consumers are consistently gravitating toward businesses they feel they can trust. They want to know that they are more than statistics and they desire the ability to have a voice within the process. Transfer the power of the product design business to your clients and boost their user experience by structuring the entire design and ordering process with their experience in mind. By improving your end users’ experience, you will ultimately be upgrading your business and improving its earnings potential.

Empower Your Customers and Expand Your eCommerce Business