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The Best Ways to Sell Screen-Printed Products: eCommerce vs. Brick-and-Mortar

Way to Sell Screen-Printed Products eCommerce vs. Brick-and-Mortar


People nowadays are interested in growing their businesses online and offline. However, keeping them both in check is a challenge. A shrewd businessman never doubts The success or failure of a company in today’s dynamic marketplace often hinges on its choice of sales channel. The screen printing industry is just one of several that could benefit from this.

Many successful screen printing businesses operate out of both online and brick-and-mortar locations. However, there are negatives to every potential choice. Business expansion may be planned more effectively if you have a solid knowledge of their differences.

In this article, we will discuss the best way to sell screen-printed products for both online and offline stores.

An Overview of Screen-Printing 

The market for printed garments is expanding. Many online retailers have casual wear, including trendy t-shirts, free necks, superhero sweatshirts, raglans, hoodies, etc. The market for products and sellers continues expanding with today’s streamlined production methods. Nowadays, it’s easy to make one’s unique clothing designs.

The process’s raw materials can be bought locally or online, the biggest market nowadays. But low-cost print technologies like screen printing might help you start a business with little money.

Beginning a screen printing company can be financially profitable. Almost any type of clothing may have a unique design printed on it using this method, and it requires only a small initial cost and some basic training.

Screen printing is a relatively simple and affordable method in which a stencil is used together with a screen to generate prints on different items, most commonly apparel. The procedure has mostly stayed the same since its discovery in the 9th century. In China, stencils were first used around 960 AD, during the Song Dynasty. Such a method’s lack of complexity, simplicity of operation, cheap availability of resources, etc., contributes to its widespread credibility.

The Benefits of an Online Screen Printing Store

eCommerce is an excellent choice for firms needing access to a large customer base but not wanting to open a physical location. Without interacting with your consumers physically, an online store may be used to showcase products, accept orders, and process payments. It’s easy to keep up-to-date with new stock or sales and requires no effort.

Consider using Shopify as a platform for your online shop regarding the screen printing business. The best thing about doing clothing business at Shopify is that it allows third-party applications to run the business. 

The use of extensive product personalizer is growing daily because a product personalizer lets customers add text, graphics, and GLFs according to the preferred printing types of the customer. This personalization choice is absent in a brick-and-mortar store.

Let’s have a look at how a product personalizer helps –

screen printing with Inkybay

The Benefits of a Traditional Screen Printing Business

A brick-and-mortar store allows you to meet your local clients face-to-face. Customers enjoy a more unique and individualized shopping experience at your store than they would receive online. You can also have a wide selection of products for sale in your store. In addition, holding events and workshops at a physical location is a great way to attract new clients and strengthen connections with existing ones.

Screen printers can significantly benefit from using the DecoNetwork software. It allows them to make the most of their store by quickly providing precise quotes and invoices to customers. Profitable business operations are simplified, and customer satisfaction and loyalty are both boosted as a result.

Maximizing the Profit of Both Online and Traditional Screen-print Businesses

An online presence and a physical storefront is the best option for a business that wants to take advantage of both benefits. Your online store is a great way to market to a broad audience, but your physical location is where you may develop meaningful relationships with regulars. If you have two locations, customers will easily find and shop at your establishment. You may attract buyers from far and wide by maintaining an online shop and a physical location.

Read this article about 11 online business success tips after an offline success. Here, you can get an idea about making your online and offline presence. In the case of screen printing, satisfying both types of customers is tricky, for example, both store requires customer satisfaction, and maintaining top-notch customer service is essential to maximize profit. 

Here are some aspects to follow regarding attracting customers both from your online and offline store in the screen printing business: 

  1. Know about your customers 
  2. Do not confirm orders too quickly
  3. Offer something additional 
  4. Track your competitors 
  5. Know what you are offering 

Maximization way 1- Know about your customers

Your marketing and sales activities will be more successful if you take the time to identify and learn about your prospects and existing customers. Find out what they require and expect from your business. 

  • What kinds of screen printing supplies do people look forward to purchasing the most?
  • Where can we find them socializing, both online and offline? 

To satisfy your target audience, you must first understand their demands. This can be done through surveys and focus groups. Screen printing companies use this knowledge to stock materials and generate popular designs.

Let’s say you own a screen printing business that creates exclusive apparel visuals. Sustainable, Consumer surveys and comments indicate that sustainable, environmentally friendly apparel is in high demande to purchase organic cotton t-shirts to promote a green image for your business. This meets your current client’s needs and appeals to those concerned about the environment.

Maximization Way 2- Do Not Confirm Orders Too Quickly

Before accepting an order from a customer, ensure you fully grasp their requirements. If you’re in a rush, you can forget some essential details and make a mess. In addition, this sort of misunderstanding typically occurs in a physical store.

When processing a request, avoiding misunderstandings and maximizing customer satisfaction is possible with careful attention to detail. Ordering too quickly could result in costly mistakes for your company. For instance, a consumer might ask about bespoke screen-printed hoodies in a brick-and-mortar store. The shopkeeper should probe deeply into the shopper’s preferences regarding style, color, and other factors. The proprietor should make notes to understand better and fulfill client needs.

An effective way to avoid dealing with this problem is to create an online store that emphasizes the customization of products for individual customers. Customer-friendly product customization tools reduce the potential for misunderstandings while designing a product.

Maximization way 3- Offer something additional

One way to set your business apart from the competition is to offer your customers something extra. Providing customers with incentives like freebies, discounts, and added services can increase their satisfaction. Customers can get complimentary custom keychains from your screen printing company when they buy tote bags. This kind of surprise can really impress customers and get them to come back for more.

Maximization way 4- Track your competitors

Screen printing is just like any other industry in that it requires knowledge of the products, prices, and marketing strategies of competitors.

For instance, a competing screen printing firm has recently added a web-based tool for customers to personalize their orders. With that app, users can instantly preview their work. Your online shop can’t compete until you offer a feature that gives customers a say in buying things. With this, you’ll gain an edge over the competition and stand out to tech-savvy consumers.

Maximization way 5- Know what you are offering

If you want to sell more of your product or service, you need to understand its value. You can use this information to advise clients and field inquiries confidently. Let’s say a DIYer is looking for heat transfer vinyl. Customers can get guidance and information from your team on which vinyl best suits their needs. Because of your employee’s proficiency, clients can look to your company as a reliable resource for information.

Using these methods of maximization, you may increase the success of your screen printing company by attracting and keeping customers both online and offline.

Bottom Line

It can be challenging to decide what is the best way to sell screen-printed products. The reality is Your screen printing company’s finest option will depend on your specific needs and resources. 

eCommerce is the best choice if you need to reach a huge number of people but have limited means. However, a traditional storefront is the way to go if you have the means and focus on serving a local customer base. It’s up to you to decide, but keep in mind that with proper strategy and planning, a screen printing company can grow in any business model.

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