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Want to Start Selling Personalized Clothing on Shopify – See How?

How to Start Your Own Clothing Store on Shopify

How to Start Your Own Clothing Store on Shopify

If you want to provide an outstanding shopping experience to your customers, offer them to personalize their own products. Between a shop that offers personalization and one that does not offer personalization, which shop do you think customers will choose more? Indeed the one that ensures the production of any personalized items. In fact, statistics show 45% of online customers prefer to shop from an online store that offers product personalization.

Selling customizable clothes on Shopify lets your customers put their unique touch on designing their own products. Customers become happy getting their own perfect product which encourages them to be your loyal customers. 

In this article, you are going to explore how to sell customized products on Shopify and what things you need to consider to reach a wider range of customers.

What is Product Personalization & How It Works 

Product Personalization means empowering customers to personalize their own products according to their specific needs. This includes adding personalized texts, colors, logos, custom graphics or photos, custom sizes, and other options as well. 

Customers design their own products, live preview, and place orders. Store owners get the print-ready vector file, produce the product accordingly, and ship it to the customers.

What To Consider Before You Offer Product Personalization

Before you start selling customized products or clothes on Shopify, proper market research and planning accordingly will help you find the trigger points. Consider the following points –

  • What Type of Products You Want To Offer Personalization For
  • What Kind of Customization Options You Want To Offer
  • Displaying Customization Options & The Fulfillment Process

What Type of Products You Want To Offer Personalization For

First of all, decide which product you want to be personalized. Do you want to offer all of your products to be personalized or just a few of them? Make a list of the products you want to offer for personalization. It is better not to go for all of your products, rather offer a few of them and do the market analysis of how they are doing. Based on your market research and customer demand, offer personalized products.

What Kind of Customization Options You Want To Offer

Now you have a list of products that you want to offer to be personalized. It is time to select which customization options you are going to offer. There are endless customization options starting from custom text addition to custom graphics addition. Choose wisely which options you want to offer and how they will have a positive impact on your business revenue.

Displaying Customization Options & The Fulfillment Process

Do you have the facility to print, laser cut, or engrave the products? Do you produce the goods? If not, you might contact any local companies to get help to customize products to sell. So, before you offer any customization options, talk to your local company that you are connected to. Also, the proper fulfillment process plays a vital role in your business’s success. Imagine a scenario – You are displaying a customization option on your e-commerce store that your local company is not able to fulfill. How odd this will be and your business will be affected negatively.

How To Offer Product Personalization

Before talking about how to add a personalization option on Shopify, let us know a few challenges in offering Shopify custom products –

  • With default Shopify functionality, it’s challenging to sell personalized products online
  • If your customer wants to add some custom texts or graphics, he is to communicate through emails, which is time-consuming.
  • Offering Shopify customizable products with more advanced options is challenging with your default Shopify store.

Also, there are other challenges that you can not ignore while offering personalization. However, if you are a coder, you can easily offer personalization. Otherwise, you have two ways to add a personalization option on Shopify – Hire a developer or integrate your store with a product personalizer.


Why Shopify App Is a Better Option To Sell Personalized Products

You can hire a Shopify developer to customize your store and add personalization options for your customers. You have to hire a developer again once you face any technical issues further. Additionally, you might not offer similar personalization options for all of your products. Hiring a developer might be a costlier option and You might compromise in some places in order to reduce the cost. However, there are many reasons why using a Shopify app might be a convenient solution for you. A few reasons are –

  • No coding knowledge is required
  • Easy integration with your store
  • Maximum of the Shopify product personalizer app team provides 24/7 support
  • You can offer an unlimited number of customization options
  • Live preview option right on your store
  • Others

Add Product Personalizer Shopify App to Your Store & Offer Unlimited Customization Options

Inkybay - Product Personalizer customization

Offering more customization options will attract more customers. Fortunately, there are many Shopify apps available to fulfill your requirements. But finding the right product personalizer might be difficult that can fulfill all your needs.

While choosing a product personalizer, consider one that is scalable, cost-effective, meet all your requirements, and has a dedicated 24/7 support team to help you. One such option might be the InkyBay – product personalizer. With this Shopify tool, besides offering customization options, you can control your inventory which is a rare feature. Additionally, this tool has the following unique features –

  • Seamlessly integrates with your store with just a few clicks (no coding required).
  • Get your production-ready file (JPG, SVG, PNG, PDF) instantly. Additionally, manage your inventory for an unlimited number of customizable product variations.
  • Offer customers a product builder with industry-ready features that help them live preview before they place the order.
  • Apply quantity discounts for customized products and enjoy advanced product options.
  • Generate dynamic pricing based on size, color, and other options selected.
  • Let customers choose from 5000+ pre-defined templates, personalize them and place the order.
  • Control your inventory for customized products, and save customers from out-of-stock situations.
  • Let your customers upload any file size and personalize it and place the order.

Final Words

Customers prefer the store that offers to tailor their products. Nowadays, customers want to express themselves through their clothing, accessories, home decor, and others. So, merchants that offer customizable products on Shopify will attract more customers. The challenge is to optimize your store to offer outstanding product personalization experiences

If you are a start-up or looking for an opportunity to stand out from the crowd, offer product personalization. This will help you get more loyal customers and increase your AOV(Average Order Value).

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