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Stylish Designer Face Masks Becoming The Trendy Fashion Accessory Now

Face Masks As Fashion Accessory

Face Masks Are The New Essential Fashion Accessory

In the first quarter of 2020, the fashion industry worldwide was struggling to survive the crisis caused due to the pandemic. As the demand for fashion clothing is dropping to an all-time low, many fashion brands are adapting and producing fashionable face masks to deal with the crushing down revenue.

At the beginning of the year, when the virus started taking its toll upon the normality of people’s daily life, it was unthinkable to leave the house without wearing a mask. Even the World Health Organization – WHO also declared – wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere in shops, shopping malls, parks, or even in some indoor settings as well. Face masks turned into the only protection and prevention against the spreading of the virus.

And within a few months, surprisingly, an essential health-protective gear like a face mask converted to an essential fashion accessory. Designer face masks have become a new trend in the fashion world now. From local to international fashion brands and designers, everyone is on the race to produce the best designer level stylish face masks for their customers.

A glance at the relevant points discussed over face masks as a fashion accessory:

What Led Face Masks Enter The Fashion Industry?

“Never let a good crisis go to waste,” – is a famous saying by Sir Winston Churchill, perfectly suits the present situation of the fashion industry. Needless to mention about the healthcare workers’ needs, local to leading brands and companies witnessing the increasing demand for face masks in daily life. But the manufacturers and suppliers are failing to meet the tremendously high demand.

Judging from the scarcity and future potential of face masks, small apparel businesses to renowned brands are embracing the trend without any hesitation. Besides, the nationwide lockdown is stopping people from stepping out wearing masks is required, and the only solution now.

Face Masks Enter The Fashion Industry

Moreover, designer face masks are less intimidating and boring than surgical or N95 masks. These designer label fashionable face masks are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, which makes them popular now. So, to fulfill the demand and deal with the economical-crisis, producing quality and stylish face masks are the new trend for now and the future.

Beginning of The Involvement of Fashion Industry In The Face Masks Production

In March 2020, Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo appealed on Twitter that – We need companies to be creative to supply the crucial gear our healthcare workers need.” The first responder to his call was fashion designer Christian Siriano. He tweeted – “If @NYGovCuomo says we need masks, my team will help make some. I have a full sewing team still on staff working from home that can help.”

And guess what!! Within a couple of days, he posted a video on Twitter that the face mask production has already started. Siriano is an American fashion designer and a former Project Runway winner. He has experience working with celebrities like Heidi Klum, Allison Williams,  Ashley Graham, Selma Blair, and Danielle Brooks.

Famous Designers like New York-based Nepalese-American Prabal Gurung or Brandon Maxwell came forward to provide PPE and Gowns for healthcare workers. Even Karla Colletto – a luxury swimwear brand, offered its Virginia factory for the production of face masks. In Italy, Prada contributed by producing medical overalls and masks in response to the request of Tuscany authorities.

Face masks – A New Trend On The Fashion Street

Face masks - A New Trend On The Fashion StreetFace Mask is not merely a protective gear now, but it has turned into new normality of daily life all over the world. As the world is stepping out slowly and trying to overcome the ongoing fear, face masks are the must-have gear in everyday life. Offices are opening up, and activities like small gatherings, marriages, parties, etc. are now happening on a small scale, maintaining the social distancing. So, the demand for designer face masks is rising.

Industry-leading companies like French couture brand Louis Vuitton repurposed several of their workshops to produce non-surgical face masks. Famous designer fashion brands like Prada, Chanel, Burberry, Zara, Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, and many, are now designing face masks to help pass one of the crisis times of modern history. Besides, the designer label face masks are adding a new tone to the fashion-conscious people’s attire.

Apart from renowned brands, small brands, local designers, and businesses have shown the highest efforts in the present scenario. Working from home effortlessly and recycling the existing stock and leftover fabrics, they are producing face masks and successfully reaching their communities.

Affordable & Luxurious Brands Designer Label Face Masks

Affordable & Luxurious Brands Designer Label Face MasksFor civilians, it’s better to wear face masks made of cloths leaving the surgical or N95 masks for the healthcare workers. In the market right now, there are affordable to luxurious designer label face masks available at different prices. It’s easy to find face masks starting at $5 to $100 or above. Here are some examples of cheap and affordable face masks along with luxurious ones:

Some Affordable Designer Label Face Masks:

  • Christy Dawn – is offering sustainable and affordable masks in plaids and stripes 3-pack at $20.
  • Tory Burch – offers a set of five printed face masks at $35.
  • Intermix – has its Ulla Johnson floral print face mask at $20 in the market.
  • Kit Made’s – $10 reusable face mask is coming in plaid.
  • Toast’s – face covering kit is available at $14.
  • Sixty Nine – came with their denim cow mask at an affordable price of $7.
  • Viva Aviva – is offering a protective face mask at $5.
  • Camilla Limon’s – toile print masks are purchasable at $20.
  • Studio One Eighty Nine – also brought a striped cotton face mask at $20.
  • Gray Goods – offers its gray floral face mask at $20.
  • Sanctuary Clothing – comes along with a PPE mask, a pack of 5 at $28.
  • Jessi Frederick’s – $20 mask comes with topstitching.

Several Luxurious Face Masks:

  • Burberry – is the first major luxury brand that launched face masks made of excess fabric retailing at $120. Even a small travel pouch is coming along each face mask. Also, 20 percent of the net proceeds are going to the Burberry Foundation COVID-19 Community Fund.
  • Collina Strada – a New York-based designer, is selling face masks made from leftover fabrics at $100. But the company is donating three against one sale.
  • Off-White – offering a mask at $95, but they are donating 100 percent of their net proceeds.
  • Akris – is selling masks at $100 made from pure cotton.  These are washable, breathable, and reusable face masks. Fifty percent of their proceeds go to The Children’s Defense Fund.
  • Roopa Pemmaraju – offering hand-embroidered face masks at $120  made from 100% cotton fabric.
  • Phillip Lim – is offering a $100 five-pack of reusable face masks.
  • Michael Ngo – is selling face masks at a high price from $110 to $500. These masks are handmade and embellished by Ngo. The entire net proceeds from the selling go to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, an organization helping to provide food to the communities affected by the pandemic.
  • X Suit – retailing at $119, and their masks have adjustable straps along with removable valves, interchangeable filters. These masks are machine washable.
  • Marine Serre – offering moon-print face masks at $141 price.
  • Christopher Kane’s – More Joy mask at $46 is available now.
  • Araks – came up with their protective face masks three in packs at $110.
  • Susan Alexandra – has its $70 pistachio gingham floral face mask in the market.

There are countless famous brands and companies, along with local and small businesses worldwide, offering fashionable face masks. Right now, the market is swarming with a variety of fashionable cheap, mid-range, and luxurious designer face masks at different prices.

How Self-customization Helps To Create New Designs of Face Masks?

The comfortable, breathable, and aesthetic nature of the cotton masks are making them popular with the passing time, resulting in a wide range of colors, designs, and prints. Moreover, many brands and companies are offering their customers self-customization options so that they can purchase face masks matching their garments.

Customization Helps To Create New Designs of Face MasksDesigner label face masks are not only functional but also less intimidating and pleasing than using medical masks. As it has become a mandatory part of our daily life appearance, everyone prefers something different to cope up with this. As for the result, face mask designs are coming in a more creative look to enhance self-expression than merely a protective gear.

For instance, a company named TAGFACEMASK is offering its customers to buy self-customizable face masks. They have integrated a web-based customization solution Inkybay – A Face Mask Customizer, with their online store. Inkybay enables a face mask customization interface where TAG’s customers can change colors, add text, and upload graphics. Also, they can add notes, preview the design before ordering, and download proof.

Inkybay Face Mask Customization solution for ShopifyUsing Inkybay, a Canadian company Uranta offering its customers a face mask design solution, where customers can select products, add text, name, graphic, and QRcode, upload their files, and browse designs. They can also choose the quantity of the products they wish to order, do the unit, and total pricing at the same time. The best thing is – sideways design is also possible through the options. Inkybay is a product designer tool. It offers customization solutions to only fashionable face masks but also products from a simple food pick, bar blades, laser engraving to luxurious cars.

Final Thoughts

It’s already clear we are going to wear face masks for a while now. Moreover, it’s common sense to wear a mask in this present situation to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities.

Face masks as fashion accessories were unimaginable before. But as it covers a fair portion of the face, it’s very natural for people to search for something aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and more self-expressing. Uploading selfies wearing masks show how it’s becoming a fashion and part of the New Normal Life now, rather than merely a protective gear. As the local brands are embracing the new trend, it’s affordable for everyone to use designer label face masks as fashion accessories.

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