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7 effective New Year Resolution For Your Ecommerce Custom Product Business

The start of a new year is a chance to start over and do things differently. This is also helpful in the business world. As 2023 is almost here, it’s time to set goals for your business instead of just for yourself.

It is a great way to make sure your custom product business is ready to keep growing in 2023. Setting and keeping New Year’s resolutions could help your business reach new heights in the coming year.

A custom eCommerce business is also very competitive, so you never know what plans your rivals are making. Stop guessing how to beat your competitors and instead make some good business plans for the new year. According to, the most successful businesses are more likely to have a medium-term business plan than their less successful competitors.

In this article, we will discuss some mandatory aspects for new year resolution for your eCommerce custom product business

What You Need To Know About A New Year Resolution Plan

According to Forbes, most individuals set goals to better themselves in the next year, with 23% resolving to live healthier, 21% resolving to become happier, 20% resolving to lose weight, 7% resolving to exercise more often, 5% resolving to quit smoking, and 2% resolving to drink less frequently. People also vow to better themselves socially (11%), professionally (16%), and interpersonally (11%).

In this article, we are talking about a product customization business, so if you are one of that 16% of people. You should consider a few things before making new year’s resolutions for your company.

  • Do Not Mix Your Personal And Professional Objectives
  • Avoid Plan So Big
  • Think About Both The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Your Resolution 


  • Do Not Mix Your Personal And Professional Objectives

You are planning for your company’s new year resolution. It is possible that you are expecting a massive profit this year, but that is mainly your personal resolution. Do not only think about yourself in the matter of your business. Plan intelligently and keep your staff in mind. Do not combine all of your resolutions, since a company does not operate only on individual efforts.

  • Avoid Plan So Big 

In a new year, the resolution does not become a huge plan, which becomes a burden to your company. Plan something realistic and effective. Set a simple plan for the next year and make more for upcoming years. Just one small success may do wonders for your confidence. It might be helpful to divide enormous projects into smaller, more achievable tasks.

Focusing on a single resolution at a time brings good results in long-term success. Attempting to change too much, too fast is a major cause of New Year’s resolution failure. Instead, focus on the little actions that will lead you to your greater objective instead.

  • Think About Both The Positive And Negative Aspects Of Your Resolution 

Before making a new year’s resolution, think about the consequences. Do not just focus on the profit, but think about the negative aspect too. Take every step by counting. Do not rush into achieving several goals at once.

If you want to get prominent results from your new year’s resolution in your product customization business, find out the pros and cons of your resolution.

A Resolution Idea for Your eCommerce Custom Product Business

As the new year is just knocking on the door, make some top-notch new year resolutions for your business for the upcoming year.

  1. This Year, Try To Figure Out Your Real Customer
  2. Improve your customer service this year.
  3. Gather some new ideas about product customization 
  4. Grow your team 
  5. Try to increase productivity 
  6. Focus on content marketing
  7. Transform your company into a customer-centric one

#Resolution 1: This Year, Try To Figure Out Your Real Customer

An ideal customer is a blessing for your business, but it’s not always easy to find the ideal customer for a business. Even if your business already knows how to find real customers, there is always room for improvement. Try to get a better idea of who your business customers are in 2023.

We all know that the process of marketing takes a lot of time. When this happens, marketing to the wrong customer can make the process a little bit longer. To get real customers, you should know everything about your product or service, so that you can convince people easily. In the upcoming year, try to build this habit.

# Resolution 2: Improve Your Customer Service This Year

According to Forbes, the majority of online buyers (83%) want some kind of help before completing a purchase. Try to make your customer service better than the previous year. Customer support can be of various types, such as one-page support, chat support, off-page support, and email support.

Make a new year’s resolution to strengthen your communication networks in order to become more customer-oriented this year. For example, using a chatbot to answer everyday customer queries is a smart practice since it is a faster and more comfortable two-way communication channel.

It doesn’t take long for customers to develop an interest in a product that is profitable in the eCommerce industry. Keeping this in mind, commit to being more active on your website and responding to emails and conversations within 24 hours.

The needs of customers vary between industries and markets. You may need to collect and organize customer and order information from many sources into a single worksheet to work better. Providing the best support encourages customers to stay in your business rather than try your other competitors.

#Resolution 3: Gather Some New Ideas About Product Customization

Consider including some perks if you’re running an eCommerce product customization in Shopify. Because Shopify allows you to use a variety of third-party applications, you can integrate a third-party product customization application to make your customers’ lives easier in the new year. There are a bunch of third-party apps that are available on Shopify, but to add something new, you need to choose an app that is worthwhile.

#Resolution 4: Grow Your Team

The goal of making a big team is to push a team’s productivity positively. The practice of developing big teams offers several advantages for any particular company. It promotes efficiency, staff satisfaction, cooperation, and building close relationships.

If your company is fairly small or you have a limited number of employees, you should make plans to increase your product customization business in the next year. A bigger team is always required in order to deliver service that is focused on the client and to fulfill the customer’s satisfaction levels. In addition, a bigger group means more people to offer their ideas and dedication to your business.

In 2023, make a resolution to make your team large, which will be a worthwhile decision for your company.

#Resolution 5: Try To Increase Productivity

Your New Year’s resolution is not only for your business but also for your employees too. Make your employees mentally prepared to accept a change in their productivity. When you and your company set a combined new year goal, that will be more effective for your product customization business.

Ask your employees what their idea is for the new year’s resolution. Choose the top ideas and implement the most effective ones to boost productivity.

#Resolution 6: Focus On Content Marketing

Although you sell customized products, you still can not overlook the importance of content marketing. Post regular content on your website as well as on social media. Regular posting will keep your website up-to-date, and social media posting will bring new customers. Maybe this year you have not focused much on content marketing, so make a resolution for next year. This step will increase the CRO of your website as well.

According to Semrush, 97% of people said content was a key part of their overall marketing strategy in 2021.

#Resolution 7: Transform Your Company Into A Customer-Centric One

A business serves a broad range of customers, each with its own set of interests and features. You may believe that not all of your online customers will be interested in what you provide. They would prefer just to see the categories that interest them, and they may even exit the website if they have to search for them too hard.

eCommerce customization enables you to show certain categories and goods to your visitors depending on their own interests. Collecting data about your site’s users and then categorizing them into categories based on their distinguishing characteristics is critical for effective web customization.

Bottom Line

A new year’s resolution always works better for a personal motto as well as a business motto. The resolutions that we have mentioned before can be a good fit for your business but it’s your business, so feel free to change your resolution according to your need.


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