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New Feature: Setting up Advance Multipart Configurable Products

As an admin you can setup custom configurable products. Add part by part products with extra option for every parts as you need. Every product side can contain unlimited parts for user customization. Setting up extra price (if have any) for options user selected. Upload any shape PNG image as product design area.

Add Unlimited side & parts for a products. You can add any number of parts on single side of product. For example a multi part jersey can contain number of parts on front side body top, body bottom, left hand (front look), right hand (front look), collar and pocket. Similarly on back side can contain body part, left hand (back look), right hand (back look) and collar.

You can set part/color relation from different side like left hand (front look), right hand (front look) and left hand (back look), right hand (back look) will be in same color relation, means if user change color left hand (front look) color it will change all parts color in the same relation. and you can create multiple parts relation for a product.

Add part style: You can add multiple style and additional price for style (if have any) for a part. Can set a part as additional/optional, in this case user can add the optional part for the configurable product. For example in a mult-part jersey type product you can add pocket option as well as multiple pocket style which user can select as they need. and you have added two pocket and one of them are optional, user can add the optional pocket and when user add option pocket it will add the additional price also as set.

Finally you can set the design area and all the added parts default position when user load/select options.

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