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Dynamic Sheet Preset Size

Inkybay’s preset sheet/banner size option gives you the opportunity to create preset sizes of your products so that customers can choose from the given options and then start adding designs on them. As you the sizes will be generated automatically, you won’t need to create individual products for each size now.  You can also add the prices of each size so that customers can instantly see the cost they will be charged. 

There are basically two steps to create the preset. 

  1. You need to make a product customizable
  2. Then create the preset and assign it to the custom product earlier. 

Here, we will be discussing how to create the preset. If you want to see how to make a customizable product, scroll down to the bottom.


To create preset sizes, please follow the process given below.

  • Hover your mouse over Products and click on “Product Option”

  • Now, Click on “Add a New Option set”

  • Here you can give a name for your option set or keep it blank. And then assign this ruleset using Product handle.
    (to get the product handle, go to the product page of that product and copy everything after “product/”)

  • Now, click on the drop-down and select “Custom Size – Free Size” and Click on “New option”

  • Now give your option Title and select ENABLE if you want your customers to see the same size in the design lab

  • Choose size units from “Size Unit Sisplay Settings”. By default it is  set to Inch, you can add more
  • You can also apply Minimum / Maximum Height /Width limit or Skip this part.
  • Scroll down to find “SIZE DISPLAY SETTINGS”. This lets you choose the style of displaying the preset options you are about to create. you can choose anyone form Radio, Drop-Down, and Swatch style.

  • Now in the given field start entering size values and add more options
  • Add prices for each size in the adjacent field if you want
  • That’s all. Now Save it


Note: If you want to have a custom field so that customer can also create their own size then keep the custom size enable, Otherwise make it disabled. 


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