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How to set up custom shape print area?

If you have products that require a custom shape print area like circular, rectangular, star, polygonal, or any other custom shape as print area, you can setup that custom shape print area by  following the given steps:

Here is the help video for set up your custom print area.

  • Edit the custom product and go to your product “Product Setup for Design Tool” section and click on “Advance Settings
    Inkybay Product Setup for Design Tool
  • Now, select “Print Area” and click on “Change/Upload button” to upload your custom print area shape
    Upload Custom Print area for custom products
  • Upload your custom shape print area as a transparent PNG image (keep the transparency for the part which you do not want to show) that you have created by any photo editor (Photoshop Recommended)
    Upload PNG custom print area shape
  • Now, adjust your uploaded custom shape print area over your product back image
    Adjust custom print area
  • Save it

Now, if you go to the designer page and add any graphics/text that will be inside the custom shape print area.


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